MLMers, Please note: Talk Fusion has over 200 MLM templates you can use to promote your business/products—using video email, video newsletters, etc. Talk Fusion makes you look good no matter what MLM you are in.

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Seven 8 Reasons Why Talk Fusion gives you the right tools to Boost Your Sales and Profits This Year.


MLMers, Please note: Talk Fusion has over 200 MLM templates you can use to promote your business/products—using video email, video newsletters, etc. Talk Fusion makes you look good no matter what MLM you are in.

  1. You’ll make more money, if you “Mail Like Hell”. From my years of marketing experience you cannot mail “too much”. Why? Because we’re all suckers for love. We love knowing we’re invited to the party even if we don’t want to go to the party. I used to mail something to my list every 3 days— and I made lots of money doing so. I had a marketing client years ago, who mailed to their list EVERY DAY… and made money hand over fist. Talk Fusion lets you mail to your old customer list as much as you want. You can even load up your emails and have them sent out AUTOMATICALLY on a schedule you set.
    2. You’ll save money in mailing costs. If you use the post office, you’ll pay 50¢ to $1 apiece for mailing. But Talk Fusion lets you mail THOUSANDS of emails at a time, with just a click… all for $35 a month. Yes, you should use snail mail. But Talk Fusion is cutting edge email and VIDEO EMAIL.
    3. You’ll develop a MORE LOYAL following—with Talk Fusion’s VIDEO EMAIL platform. You can send out text email, if you want… but TALK FUSION let’s you attach a video… and you can DO SHOW AND TELL on video… you can DEMONSTRATE how your product works… WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE… show how human you are (we love to buy from real people with all their faults—we don’t want to buy from a perfect salesman who wears expensive clothes and a rolex) … Video tells a more complete story than just text. Put Talk Fusion’s video tools to work for you this year.
    4. You’ll Save Time explaining to customer WHY this or WHY that. – When you answer questions using a video… you can save time… instead of answering the same questions in person over and over and over again. If there are multiple decision makers, they can forward your answer to them all, and you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over.
    5. Talk Fusion gives you tools to do video blogging, video blasting to over 300 social media sites with just a click—Video blogging and blasting is just like placing free ads all over the web… and if you link your videos back to your web site, you’re going to help your SEARCH ENGINE rankings. Search engines LOVE video at the moment. High SEO rankings means you GET MORE TRAFFIC to your site.
    6. Talk Fusion throws in free video webinar tools—It’s like getting web ex or go-to-meeting, or JOIN ME… etc. at no charge. You can even record the webinars and send endless amounts of traffic to see the webinar– it’s a marketing machine on auto-pilot. I’m not kidding.
    7. And if you want to publish a newsletter—you’ll be THRILLED to know that Talk Fusion gives you over 200 video newsletter TEMPLATES… to send out your message in. They look great—you’ll look like a professional publisher. With your text laid out here and here and your video message right there. It’s easy.
    Give yourself a powerful advantage over your competition THIS YEAR… by using Talk Fusions basket of communication tools to win friends and influence people. Boost your sales and profits. Create repeat buyers. Do UP-selling and CROSS-SELLING with ease. Cut your true advertising costs when measured against added sales and profits.


Listen… Talk Fusion is designed so you can “do-it-yourself”… just point and click… after your sign-up fee,  it’s just $35 a month for everything. But if you’re like some of my clients, you don’t want to be bothered by all this “busy-work”. I chuckle… because I know… IT’S NOT BUSY WORK… it’s a KEY ELEMENT in your profit strategy. FOLLOWING up on customers and prospects… IS KEY. It does not go on the EXPENSE side of the ledger… IT GOES ON THE ASSET side. Why? Because marketing, done right… MAKES YOU MONEY… it does not cost you money… IT MAKES YOU MONEY.

So— if you want to increase sales and profits… but you don’t want to be bothered creating the sales letters, videos, scheduling and follow-up… I’LL DO IT FOR YOU… for THREE MONTHS FREE… I normally handle the follow-up marketing for clients for $3,000 a month. That means I’ll create your follow-up sales letters, emails, text messages, snail-mail post cards and videos. And I won’t charge you anything during this 3-month program. All you have to do is sign up with me in Talk Fusion at the PRO level.

(LIMITED OFFER: I only have time and energy to take no more than 3 clients under this deal. If you want a “copywriting” slave… sign up NOW. Before this window closes and maybe even one of your competitors signs me up.)

You know in your heart that FOLLOW UP is vital to your success. I’ll help you in that department. I’m good at it.

You can do-it-yourself if you want to. Talk Fusion is as easy as POINT AND CLICK. Or, I can help you out in that department. No charge the first 3 months. I’m betting you get such good results that you’ll be thrilled to continue with my FOLLOW UP marketing system.

Call me. I’ll send out emails, videos, real post cards, letters, text messages, VIDEO NEWSLETTERS, etc to your customers and prospects… all designed to BOOST YOUR SALES… and take the burden off your shoulders about this matter.

Do-it-yourself with Talk Fusion’s tools… or use me TO DO IT FOR YOU.
But either way… let’s get it done.

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