3 “Lazy” People Who Made $5,000 A Month And Worked 2 Hours A Day

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

I originally called this letter: “An Amazing lack of curiosity”


Way back in the 1980’s I became curious about who was making money and what they did to make it. At the time I was barely in my 30’s and was operating a retail shoe store. I was NOT making money hand over fist. But when customers came through… I’d strike up a conversation with them about what they did for a living and how it paid.

Three people stand out in my mind.

One young lady said she made about $5,000 a month… and she sold insurance only to little old ladies whom the other insurance salesman would ignore. They wanted bigger fish to fry. But she catered to these old ladies and sold enough policies that she was making some $5,000 in monthly ongoing commissions. Awesome.

Another fellow was also making about $5,000 a month. And he “sold” food and all of the stuff that restaurants need to restaurants around the county. (napkins, ketchup, forks, etc.) Again, he had collected enough ongoing-customers that he was paid about $5,000 in monthly commissions.

The third fellow was also making about $5,000 a month. He was selling radio ads for a local, “easy-listening” music station. Also, he had gathered up enough repeat buyers and was making a nice commission each month from them all. About $5,000 a month.

Keep in mind; this was the 1980’s… so $5,000, adjusted for inflation, would be like making $10,000 a month now… or more.

What stood out in my mind about each of these folks was this: they each “worked” about 2 or 3 hours a day. I was intrigued. They each reported that in the beginning, they worked their butts off… gathering their respective customers. But once they were set… making about $5,000 a month… they enjoy more free time than I was enjoying. And in each case… once they had enough customers… it was just a matter of keeping the customers happy. Thus… 2 hours a day.

Now the question is… would you like to do that? Would you like to jump into a business that paid you $5,000 to $10,000 in commissions every month… and all you had to do was gather up a bunch of customers until you reach your desired income level from repeat buyers???… and then slack off the rest of the day? Does working 2 or 3 hours a day… for this kind of money appeal to you?

It’s one thing to be making some nice cash flow… it’s another thing altogether to have the free time to enjoy it.

Here’s how to reach that goal—

I’m putting together a team of “go-getters” who want this kind of money and this kind of life style. If you’re willing to work your butt off at the beginning… with the goal in mind of cutting back to 2 or three hours a day… and getting paid $5,000 a month… up to $100,000 a year… stop what you’re doing and pick up the phone.

I have several opportunities in my back pocket… and I have the marketing systems that make it all happen for you. Call it “a turn-key” operation.

Call it a “lazy” man’s way to riches.

Call it a new direction for your life.

But whatever you call it… I want to help you make it happen.

Let’s talk.

Linwood Austin