The 5 Great Headline Ingredients.

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The 5 Great Headline Ingredients.

If you don’t have a good headline, no one is going to read your article or sales letter or ad… Your headline must stop them, and get them to read the next sentence. Each sentence has only one purpose… and that is to get them to read THE NEXT SENTENCE.

If you want to write or create a great headline… it will likely have one or more of the following GREAT HEADLINE INGREDIENTS.

1. It must promise BENEFITS.
We’re all out there seeking to benefit our lives. And if you can promise and deliver BENEFITS… YOU’RE halfway to your goal.
2. You must use the word YOU or YOUR.
If you only use the word WE— such as “we are short of space, so we are having a sale”… you’ve lost their interest mostly… They (the buyers) are very, very interested in THEMSELVES…. So you’d do better making your headline speak to YOU or YOUR…
3. Mention your product or service in a favorable way.
Remember the old ad for Rolls Royce—“At 60 Miles An Hour, The Loudest Noise In Our New Rolls Royce Is The Electric Clock”. – That is favorable product mention.
4. Use NEWS if it’s too the point.
We’re always tuning in to the NEWS.. and if there is something NEW about your product, service, offer, delivery system,… etc… the SHOUT IT FROM THE HOUSE TOPS.
5. Use CURIOSITY – if it’s pertinent.
Do you make these mistakes in English— is a curiosity headline. And pertinent.

If you’re stumped for a headline… try this…
The Amazing New…
The Secrets of…
Advice to…
How to…

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