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If you know the advertising business… you know there are basically two kinds of advertising out there.

First there is general advertising. This kind is what you see on TV or on web sites across the world. It’s full of fancy graphics and things the “copywriter” thinks if funny.

The problem with general advertising is that it does not ask you to do anything. So, those to “practice” this kind of advertising don’t know “shit from shinola”. They cannot measure response so they don’t know that it does not work.

Then there is “direct response” advertising. This is the kind of advertising that asks for the order. It asks you to buy now. It measures results within days… or sometimes within hours. These are the guys who know advertising. And they don’t mess around.

A good direct response advertising copy writer is worth his weight in gold.

One hundred years ago the best advertising men included Claude Hopkins and John Kennedy (not the president who fell in Dallas).

Those two guys rocked the world with lessons they learned from selling so-called “snake oil” in the 1800’s. They sold by mail and if orders did not come in, there was hell to pay and rent that did not get paid.

Some years later Clyde Bedell, Victor Schwab, John Caples and Eugene Schwartz were among the top paid advertising copy writers and demanded huge sums of money for their skill and talent.

Then came Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, GaryBencivenga and a few others who helped millions of business owners sell bazillions of dollars worth of product.

Today, there are still only a handful of copywriters who can make things happen.

The problem today… as it has been throughout modern history is this:

80% of all advertising still wastes selling opportunity.

If you’re reading this letter, you’re in luck. I am one of the world’s top advertising copy writers.

I’ve written direct response advertising for many of today’s top selling companies.

And here is why this is important;

Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something.

If you’re going to have salesmen, some of your salesman will be good. Some will be so-so. But a salesman can only talk to 20 people a day before he’s pooped out.

But an ad or sales letter or web site that SELLS can reach thousands every day. Thousands.

Many of the top advertising copywriters today are not for hire. They are smart enough to ditch clients and start their own businesses.

P.T. Barnum was a top advertising man. And he started a traveling circus.

Mr. Sears was a top adman and he started Sears And Roebuck.

I myself have, at times, ditched clients and started, bought, run and sold a number of businesses over the years.

But I’m still in the game of taking on clients. I like the challenge.

If you can find a good copywriter, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for his expertise. Some of them will put you on a waiting list.

Most advertising copywriters don’t advertise their services. Why? Because they only need a handful of clients each year to fill their dance card.

You can study-learn the art-science of writing direct response copy for yourself, but you’re looking at a 5 to 10 year journey to get good at it.

But if you have a serious, ongoing business… and you want some serious marketing done to move product, I suspect you should pick up the phone and call me right now.

I know good advertising. I have created marketing packages that have sold the darnest things. (Like a pre-mature ejaculation spray) And I’ve created marketing that has sold millions of dollars worth of products that many would consider a household name.

I’ve sold cars, furniture, business opportunities, financial services, health improvement pills, weight-loss products, real-estate seminars, And more.

I’ve even sold olive trees by mail.

The trick with direct response advertising is this: You must consider what the buyer REALLY WANTS TO BUY.

No one buys drill bits. They buy HOLES.

No one buys weight loss pills, they buy sex appeal.

No one buys just a car, they buy prestige, economy, pride of ownership, the power to pass slow drivers, sometimes they just buy a financing plan.

The thing is… if you want to sell MORE… you must enlarge your funnel of benefits to include more buyers.

I still speak to Barrie Bedell on occasion. (He’s the son of the late, great Clyde Bedell.) Barrie is a retired adman in his 80’s now. And he still CURSES those stupid bastards to advertise products without mentioning BENEFITS

Lots of benefits.

You see, people only buy to get benefits. Just because you have a picture and a price, does not mean they will buy.

Buyers have emotions. Buyers have fears. Buyers don’t want to be suckered into a purchase. And they don’t want to be embarrassed if their boss or neighbor says “Why did you buy that?”

You’ve got to give them reasons why.

You’ve got to help them get what they want and to overcome any resistance or objections in their mind.

What kind of business are you in?

Are you selling impulse items? Or does your product/service require serious thought and consideration before a buying decision is reached?

WHEN.. WHEN… WHEN…..  EXACTLY do they buy?

They buy at the moment their believe they will receive more BENEFITS from your product than from the money it costs. They may not put the money in your account for 6 months. But they BOUGHT at the moment they believed they’d get more value from your product than from the money.

Need help selling?

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