Advice To Women Who Want to Make Extra Money From Home.

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Advice To Women Who Want to Make Extra Money From Home.

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Dear Friend,

Here are some facts about women and network marketing–MLM.

  1. 1.        FACT: There are some women who are making $1 million and $2 million dollars a year in network marketing businesses.
  2. 2.       FACT: There are more who are making $100,000 a year in network marketing companies.
  3. 3.       FACT: And of course there are THOUSANDS who are making enough to help make ends meet. So they can breathe easier at the end of each month. Paying for some extra groceries… maybe take the family out for dinner… pay the kid’s college fees… get those credit cards caught up. And more.

Here’s what women like about network marketing companies (MLM)…

  1. 1.       You can’t be fired if they have a life. In a regular job working 40-hours a week… you can’t be late for work because your kid needed a ride to school. In a regular job you can’t take the day off because 17 bad things happen all at once. In a regular job you can’t take off early to see your kid’s play and choir singers in their special performance. However, in a network marketing company your income is tied to something other than bodily hours of showing up 40 hours a week. It’s tied to a whole NETWORK of people spreading the news about the product or service the company provides. Your income is RESIDUAL. The hours worked are SMARTER… not HARDER.
  2. 2.       Here is another thing women love about network marketing companies. Your career is built around family and lifestyle. You don’t have to put the company first. Even Lee Iacocca, the career man from Ford and Chrysler, said at the end of his career, he can’t remember any of the “important” boardroom meetings he attended, but he can remember every time he ditched one to see his kid perform in the school play.
  3. 3.       Another thing women LOVE about network marketing companies is this: You don’t have to work and work 40 years to retire and see the benefits of a passive income check coming in every month. If you work your network marketing business the right kind of way, you can often see a passive income check of $10,000 to $30,000 a month within 2 years. Which would you choose—retire in 40 years or 2 years?
  4. 4.       A side benefit women love about having their own network marketing business is this: No office gossip and office politics. As you know gossip and office politics can be dreadful and painful. It’s a good reason not to want to go to work each day. But in a network marketing company you’re surrounded by a team that wants you to succeed. They wouldn’t dare criticize your shoes. There’s no advantage to brown nosing a boss. In network marketing you win or lose by who and how often you refer the business to others.

From my observation, here are some “real impediments” some women have in network marketing. If you join with me, you’ll need to overcome these “impediments” to enjoy success and a rich, wonderful life with plenty of money.

  1. 1.    Fear. Years ago I read an essay by a fellow named Eric Hoffer. The essay was called THE ORDEAL OF CHANGE. He opened his article by talking about the fear he had when he worked as a migrant farm worker going up the California coast picking peas. At the end of the pea season, he had to work down the coast picking beans. His fear was that he didn’t know if he could actually pick beans. He knew all about picking peas. But could he really pick beans? He didn’t know. It was a change. It was an ordeal. Could he really do it? In the same light, women “know” all about dragging themselves out of bed and going to a 40-hour a week job, getting paid a lousy 40-hour a week salary. But can they do this? Can they succeed in a network marketing company with NO ONE breathing down your neck to make sure you don’t spend too much time at the water cooler? Can they really get someone to “buy” their product or service? Will the money really come in? Yes, there is a difference between picking peas and picking beans. But it’s not much of a difference. It’s just a change. Change is part of life. Nothing happens without change. Change is how we all measure life anyway.
  2. 2.    Wasting time. Your network marketing income is not going to come to you by having the most organized office. And by endless planning. No one is going to see your office. No one cares about your plans. You must ACT, not organize… You must ACT, not plan. And the only action that pays you is to get out there and say “Hello” to folks and explore their interests and desires. Then present your business as something that can give them more of what they want out of life. The more you tell, the more you sell.
  3. 3.    Not closing. Many women are afraid of “closing the deal”. We’re all afraid of rejection. Hell, ever since man was “tribal” rejection meant we go it alone. And it’s frightful. But don’t let rejection in this case become your impediment. Embrace rejection. Of course some will say NO to you. So what? Who Cares? Next! Some will say YES. They will say YES for their own reasons. They may see your vision. But they may have a vision of their own. The point to this is to “close” the deal and ASK THEM TO JOIN YOU. Tell them you want them on your team. Tell them you want them to join with you NOW. I’ve had salesmen pitch me endlessly after I had made up my mind to buy. They wouldn’t shut up long enough for me to say I wanted it. I had to interrupt them to get down to business and BUY. Don’t make the mistake of not closing. Close sooner. And close often. It is possible to talk yourself out of a deal. Talk about your product/service and the benefits all you want. But interrupt yourself often to get to the closing part and sign them up.
  4. 4.    Falling in love with the product. Believe it or not, quite often the product does not matter. Far too many women want to “fall in love” with the product. But the product is not all there is—the opportunity is just as important. Face it, there are no perfect products out there. But if the opportunity is good, if the pay plan is good, if they world is HUNGRY for a new way to make money… the product doesn’t matter. You could be selling lipstick for all I care. You’re not there just to sell a product—you’re most likely there to sell AN OPPORTUNITY to make someone’s life better and give them an income stream they could not dare to dream about in their current job. Forget the product. The product is a means to an end. And the end could be $10,000 extra a month. Or more.
  5. 5.    Multi-tasking. Yes, women are famous for multitasking. But from now on, consider it an impediment if you’re going to succeed in multi-level marketing. Focus on your business. Get the kids to wash the dishes and clean the living room. We must all contribute, right? Your job is to meet and greet folks wherever you go… online and off line. And to get your presentation materials in front of their eyes. And follow up with them in the right kind of way. Focus. I know multitasking can seem fun. But FOCUS on building your business.
  6. 6.    One final impediment I want to address: Doing everything for everybody. When you begin your business, you might struggle with this notion of trying to drag people into success. NO. Stop it. Give them some support. Plug them into the team. Plug them into the plan. But don’t do everything for them. You can’t save the world. Yes, you’re here to change lives. Yes, you’re here to give people an opportunity… But you can’t solve everyone’s problems and overcome all their hurdles. You’re here to be a team leader. Not a butler or a maid to wipe everyone’s butt. Not everyone you recruit will hustle. But enough will that soon your income will rise to levels you never dreamed were possible.


Finally, if you’re looking around for an opportunity I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer Talk Fusion as an ideal fit to cover everything I’ve just discussed with you. The product is exciting. It’s video email. It’s video conferencing. It’s video sharing across the wild, wild “world wide web”. It’s birthday greetings. It’s keeping in touch with family, friends, business clients and prospects.  But more importantly it’s a tool to give yourself the kind of income you’ll never achieve in a lousy job with office gossip and office politics. With Talk Fusion, you’ll be plugged into a TEAM.  My team meets every day at 8 AM Pacific time. It’s led by a wonderful man name Zazz.


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Of course you’re going to have to deal with your own “impediments” whatever they are. But life is not about being stagnant. Life is about change.

Take the time RIGHT NOW… to JOIN ME in this wonderful journey.

Call me. I’ll bet you’ve got questions. I’ll get you plugged in to our team and the training. I want you to succeed with us. I want you to have a better life. I want you to contribute to your family’s bright and happy future. Click on the link below to see the slide show and JOIN Talk Fusion. Or watch the video presentation and call me.

Then we’ll talk.


Sincerely yours,

Linwood Austin.


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