Forward this To Every Annoying MLMer You Know.

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Forward this To Every Annoying MLMer You Know.

Dear Annoyed Friend.

Everybody and his brother it seems has been “hit up” by a newly enrolled “network marketer”.

Fact is… most network marketers (MLMers) are rather new to being in business for themselves. So… their upline guy tells them to go hit on your “family and friends”. And thus… we’re all strong-armed into the MLM business and we don’t like it.

NOW… here is the solution.

I can teach almost any MLMer the FACTS ABOUT MARKETING.

FACT IS… YOU MUST REACH OUT TO A larger audience than just your family and friends. No business survives by just selling to family and friends. You MUST have a marketing plan.

Face it… ALL of the successful people in Multi-Level-Marketing… got there by constantly expanding their universe. ALL of them advertise in some form or another.

And if you’re a NEWBIE in the MLM business CALL ME… let’s work out an advertising strategy.

I have a TWO MONTH strategy… using direct mail and a list of 5,000 names. It’s a strategy that has rewarded many, many, many folks with an income of $5,000 to $10,000 or more PER MONTH.

I have a MAGAZINE AD ADDICTION strategy that gets your phone hopping in your pocket with callers wanting your opportunity.

I also have a KICK-ASS WEB SITE strategy that get’s ‘em calling and signing up.

I’m an “Adman”… And I can help even the most annoying MLMer.

Call me.

Linwood Austin