On April 22th, Google Is Going To Whack Web Sites Everywhere.

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On April 22th, Google Is Going To Whack Web Sites Everywhere.

If you have a web site… trying to make a buck and pay the rent with your online marketing, you’re about to get whacked on April 22th.

That’s the day Google is going to change the way they rank your web sites. Google knows that most of the world is moving away from desktop online activity… and moving to using MOBILE devices. Iphone, Droids, Ipads, etc.

And most websites have a platform that works fine for desktop computers. And those websites don’t work so well for handheld devices. So, Google is going to give the love to web sites that are mobile friendly.

And if you don’t factor this in you could loose 30% to 45% of your traffic on April 22th.

I can help you in this department.

I will redesign your site to be mobile friendly. And THIS alone could give you a 30% to 45% boost in search engine traffic.

Google is going to separate search results into two groups beginning on April 22. Mobile friendly sites will get the love. If you don’t make the changes NOW… you’re going to get whacked starting on that day.

DO THIS NOW… before your competitors catch on.

If nobody in your niche is paying attention THEN you get a boost in results… 30% to 45% of all traffic is NOW coming from mobile devices.

Can you stand to lose 30% to 45% of your HOT LEADS???

Do you want to GIVE YOUR COMPETITORS your customers? Or, do you want to KEEP your customers AND GET THEIRS TOO… ?

AND NOTE: I need to ask you… WHICH of your pages get “googled” the most… right now… You need to know and you need to tune those pages up to help boost sales and conversions.

If you don’t know… I can mapped where the traffic is coming in… to which page.

If you hire someone to make a new site… IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR HOTTEST PAGES… you’re going lose traffic… you might break your best links to the higher page sites. And higher profits.


I will give your site an amazing tune-up for just $5,995. That is a small price to pay to GET STARTED IN A PATH TO NEW GROWTH.

If you don’t do this… you’re going to get more or less “punished”. Google is going to make these search engine ranking changes soon. You can either take advantage of this more or suffer by doing nothing.

If $5,995 sounds like it’s too much for your budget right now… let’s do this… for the small price of $1,200 I’ll give you a “mini-tuneup” and tell you which pages on your site are getting the best bang for your buck. These are the pages you need to strengthen now. If you make these pages mobile friendly and build up to your goals later.

Web site marketing is important. Paying attention to Google rules on ranking is important.

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Linwood Austin