A “Cult” of Parasites

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A “Cult” of Parasites

The Caples Awards is now over. And the winners are…

These advertising awards go to a popularity vote…instead of the ad or ads that made the most money for the client. You can see the winners here—


If you go over there to look at some of the ads, you’ll know in your heart that something is not right with those ads…but you may not be able to quite put your finger on it.

Here’s what’s wrong—ads that make the most money are almost invisible. When people see a money-making ad, they say “Wow, I want that product”.

But when people see one of these award-winning ad, they say “Wow, that’s a great ad.”

Ha, what do they know? If you want everyone to notice your ad, put a monkey in a pink Tu-Tu. Your might win an award.

But if you want to make money with your ad… promise benefits, solve problems, speak to the self-interest of the buyer, use news pertinently, give testimonials, guarantee satisfaction, etc.

Listen… Most advertising people are gregarious and extroverts. They are not known for being studious about what makes advertising pay.

They base their advertising ideas on hunch and opinion. Not on any kind of science… or Tested and Proven Methods.

It’s shocking to learn that many advertising awards go to ads of clients who soon hit the bottom in sales and profits.

“Nice ad but the company went out of business”. Ha.

A great many decent business owners honestly believe ad creators are largely phonies — members of a “cult” of parasites who waste more money than they use intelligently.

If you hire an “award-winning” ad agency, they will likely waste your money on hunch and opinion. Thus, may I suggest you call me. Or anyone trained in direct response advertising techniques. We don’t bother with “advertising awards”. We try to make the cash register ring… We try to make the sales chart skyrocket. We try to make the company much more profitable.

The great IRONY about the Caples Awards is this:

John Caples was a direct response advertising man. He created some of the most profitable ads in history. I’ve studied his methods. I’ve read and referred to his books many times over the years.

The ads that win the so-called “Caples Awards”… may look nice, but too often they lack many of the selling elements that Caples knew ads MUST have to bring in the highest response rates and thus the most sales and profits.

If you have an advertising project coming up, pick up the phone. Let’s talk about competitive strategy, pricing for your product, your target market, overcoming buyer objections, the right media, copy angles and more.

I’ll do my best to make it worth your while. And if you want me to create your advertising, I promise to try to increase sales and profits, NOT to enter your ad into some silly awards contest.

Let’s talk.

Linwood Austin