My Boredom Threshold.

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

My Boredom Threshold.

I confess. I get bored easily.

I’m not alone. When I was a young advertising man, I studied the methods of the direct response copywriter Gary Halbert. Gary also admitted he had a low boredom threshold.

This low boredom threshold is actually good news for you. Why? Because some things get me excited. And creating advertising campaigns that measurably bring in increased sales and profits excites me.

I don’t care what the product is. It’s all “furniture” to me. It’s the creative process* that gets me thrilled.

Creating a marketing program that beats competitors and gets your phone to ring AND your shopping cart filled with buyers and customers is where it’s at.

Got a boring product or service? No problem. I can help.

There are ways to take even a “mundane” product into new levels of profitability.

It’s not in fancy art work. No. Graphic artists don’t make good advertising men. What makes for a good ad man is this… do you understand human nature?… can you sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door? … those guys can make better ad men than graphic artist. Do you know what YOUR customers REALLY WANT?

They want 3 things.

1. They want more time.
2. They want more money.
3. They want more sex.

That, my friend, is what good advertising is all about. More time, more sex, and more money.

Call me and tell me about your boring product or service. Give me the chance to get excited about INCREASING YOUR SALES AND PROFITS.

I’ve done it for others. I can likely do it for you.

Call me.


*PS—here is part of the “process” I can and often take to create powerful ads, websites, direct mail campaigns.
One: Make several LISTS… a list of the benefits your customers get from your product/service… Then, I make a list of the PROOF that they’ll get the benefits… then, I make a list of the OFFERS your competitors make that you have to beat. Finally, I make a list of the EXTENDED BENEFITS your customers get from a purchase from you. These are the benefits of the benefits.

That is the beginning of the process. Next, I labor and sweat over using the right words, story-appeal, persuasion, call to action, and believability into your ads, website, and print media.

YOU CANNOT BORE YOUR PROSPECTS into buying from you. If you’re sitting over dinner with a friend or prospect… you can bore them with your stories… and they can’t get away so easily. But you can’t bore them with your marketing. You’ve got to — ATTRACT, and HOLD, the FAVORABLE ATTENTION, of the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE (PROSPECTS) while a SELLING STORY is told, and a DESIRED REACTION is induced.

And knowing that you can’t bore them… you really should work with me… I know boredom… and I don’t like it.

PSS—Years ago I had a client who sold shoes… cheap shoes… made of plastic… boring shoes… when I turned in my ads (created for him)… he said “Wow, your ad makes me want to buy my own crap.”