This Is Not That Cat Food. The Peter Castleman Yevo Project

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This Is Not That Cat Food.

YEVO–This food tastes so good… so yummy… on the taste-testing night…
Everyone was saying… “WOW, WE JUST COULD NOT STOP EATING IT”.

Hear a LIVE, RECORDED description of just how YUMMY THE FOOD IS by calling this number: 1-712-432-7644

YEVO Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… that’s what this MLM is about.

You and most everyone you know is already spending $400 to $800 a month in groceries. NOW— Instead of missing out on that cash-flow commissions… YOU CAN REAP the rewards of everyone’s natural desire to eat healthy food 3 times a day.

The food is delivered to their doorstep… no driving around.

The food is NON-GMO… that’s important.
The food is NON-Gluten… THAT’S IMPORTANT.
The food is packed with 42 essential vitamins and nutrients.


You’ve really got to get into this.

Food is THE most important business you could get into.

And it’s sold by network marketing. YEVO Anyone can do this. Anyone can jump into this.

This is for singles, couples, families, campers, survivalists, college students, those with food storage… the possibilities are huge.

Can you sell good food to a hungry crowd? (Everyone you know is in this “hungry crowd”.) You bet you can.

Join me. Let’s talk about this.
Linwood Austin

(Shhh… don’t tell anyone… but a long time ago, I went to a pot luck supper… and I opened up a can of cat food and placed it on the table alongside all the other pot-luck dishes. The joke was that this was the poor man’s pate. But THIS is not THAT cat food.)