Can You Choke A Google Spider in 800 Milliseconds or less?

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Can Your Website Choke A Google Spider in 800 Milliseconds or less?

Dear Web Site Owner,
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Every couple of days a google spider drops by your site. It only stays for 800 milliseconds. The spider wants to index your site and give you a good ranking.

But if the spider chokes on bad links, 404 errors, missing meta descriptions, bad DMOZ listings, no bookmarks, lack of social popularity, etc…. you’ll get nowhere in the RANKING WARS.
Your competitor will get all the traffic you could have gotten and he’ll get the easy and profitable sales… and you’ll have to come up with some other way to turn a profit. YIKES.

We offer a unique service of giving you better internet traffic. One way we do it is this… we scan your site and give you a complete report about your site… telling you what your site looks like to the search spiders.

This is just the beginning of a boost to your rankings, your sales and your profits.

Here is the original letter we sent out about this service.

After we fix broken things on your site… maybe we can take a look at the copy… the SELLING MESSAGE on your site. If you’re getting traffic… you’ll want to get sales too.

Here’s my number: 801-895-9598
Let’s jump up and down and get excited about your future.
I’m Linwood Austin
Jumping spiders for ya.