How To Create Advertising That Sells.

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How To Create Advertising That Sells.

  1. Ya gotta preach BENEFITS…. But how? Do you couch your message in a story? Do you lay out of column of numbers proving how much your buyer will save? Do you lay out a common problem we all face… that your product or service will solve? Do you offer a free report… which will reveal just how “these people” solved the problem? Ya know… you just can’t leave it up to the buyers to figure out what benefits your product or service offers. You must tell them, line by line, how they will get the benefits they want. And don’t confuse “benefits” with “features”. People don’t buy features. They buy benefits like looking good, better gas mileage, impressing their friends, the latest style, peace of mind, etc. No one buys the paint on a car. But they do buy the way the car looks.
  2. Next, you gotta get their attention. And in the right kind of way. Don’t expect to be cute and win sales. Don’t try to be funny. People might remember a cute, funny ad but not remember the product or why they should buy it. And getting their attention is a major factor in creating ads that sell. And you don’t want just any kind of attention. No. You want the right kind of attention from REAL PROSPECTS.
  3. Then, if you get their attention… you must be BELIEVED. Buyers these days are plenty cynical. They have got their BS meter on full alert. As soon as they smell something that reeks of UNBELIEVABLENESS… you’re toast. Money down the drain.
  4. And if you can get their attention in a believable way… you must overcome all the obstacles in their mind. You can’t make money by convincing them to buy just 90% of the way. They must BUY the whole way. Everybody wants more time, more sex and more money. But can you deliver? Can you really make their lives better and make them happy that they bought from you. This is the job of your ad… and of course your follow-up and your products performance.
  5. Keep this in mind – YOU MUST BEAT THE COMPETITION. Don’t be foolish enough to think you don’t have any competition. You are competing with inertia and apathy if nothing else. They’ve got better things to do that try and convince themselves to buy your product. That’s your job. Your job is to convince them that what you’ve got is better than the money they are holding onto right now.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you had an ad… or a series of ads that were tested and proven to bring you more customers… willing to pay you more money… and buy from you more often.

If your marketing is not working for you right now… I can help.

I’ve created marketing that has brought in millions of dollars worth of customers. I’ve created ads that sold $10 products and ads that sold $10,000 products. I’ve created ads that beat all previous sales records. And of course I’ve created ads that failed. But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

We are living in a strange economy. This is not the age of easy marketing. You’ve got to be more clever these days with internet marketing, direct mail marketing, newspaper marketing and follow-up marketing.

In the old days of direct mail… you could often get a 2%, 4%, maybe even a 10% response to your offer. And it still may be true. But it cost more than sending out email. The problem with email is that response rates are nowhere near old fashion snail mail. But all marketing must be measured in COST PER SALE and COST PER LEAD. Often… if you spend MORE in UPFRONT COSTS… your lead cost and cost of sales turns out to be cheaper. Nice.

Even though the economy sucks in many ways… people are still buying products and services that help them get along.

People still need clothes even though clothing stores and malls are hurting.

People still need to eat even though MacDonald’s has closed some stores.

People still need to make money even though companies nationwide have cut back hours and laid off millions.

People still need emotional support… even though … you get the idea.

Smart marketers will charge ahead. Smart marketers will power through. Smart marketers will adapt to the changing times and figure out ways to deliver BENEFITS that customers want to buy.

And if you’re a smart marketer you’ll know in your heart that now might be a good time for you and me to talk.

Email marketing. Web site marketing. Search engine marketing. Blog marketing. Network marketing. Selling high-ticket items. Selling low-ticket items. Getting repeat business. And new businesses.

I have a system of bringing you up to speed that can give you new insight into your business and help take you to the next level.

I can often solve major marketing hurdles in just one conversation. I did just that with a recent client. We spent about an hour on the phone. He was selling a financial service. And I advised him on a very important aspect of his pricing structure. I actually advised him to RAISE HIS PRICE. I showed him why and how he should do this. And guess what… it worked. He has more business now than he knows what to do with.

That’s right… having the right price is part of your marketing mix.

I had another client who was selling the same product as his competitor but his competitor was charging $150… and I had this guy RAISE his price to $4,995.

He had less customers but he made more money. And had less headaches from complaining customers.

Every element in your marketing is vital. I had one client who’s ad was working fabulously… until some lawyer made him change six little words. After the change, sales went down so badly, he closed down his business. Everything must be considered. Everything might be important. What you say and how you say it might make all the difference in the world.

Don’t leave your marketing up to chance. Pick up the phone and let’s talk. I’m easy to talk to and not so full of myself. I’ll try to make it worth your while.


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