Detroit-The Future of America?

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If you care to read the financial news… you’ll discover that Detroit is a mess.



There are some 70,000 abandon buildings… the city was at one time about 3 million population… but lots of folks ran away. The population now is less than 1 million.

There are wild dogs roaming the streets there. Thousands upon thousands of street-lights don’t work. 7 out of 10 murders go unsolved. The city has filed bankruptcy. Firefighters, teachers, cops and other government employees will likely get screwed when it comes to pension payments. That means NO RETIREMENT… that means all those government workers… are gonna have to solve their own problems about the future. They can’t depend on the gov. Unless they want to get rubber checks that bounce and bounce and bounce.

How did it get that way? People were paid more than they actually produced. That’s the simple way to explain it. When the car makers were paying $85 an hour… for labor… and unionized labor was famous for coming in late… taking long lunch breaks… leaving early… and unionized employees can’t get fired because they’ve got the union backing them up… you’re going to have lots and lots of ripple effects all over the city.

Let’s say you live in Detroit and you want to start a business… let’s say it’s a bicycle shop… or a lawn mower repair shop… or a candy store. You’re going to have to compete with the carmakers for good employees. They pay $85 bucks an hour… and what can your little bike shop pay? $10 bucks? $15 bucks?

You’re only going to get the car makers’ rejects for employees. And if you’re only paying $10 an hour… they might just sign up for all the free gov giveaway money… and screw working for your bike shop.

So… you just might leave Detroit and head out to Texas to start a bike shop.

The car makers just could not make it paying $85 an hour… they lost money… they had to go bankrupt. They got gov money and then shipped lots of manufacturing to China.

The whole thing is a mess. Ripple effects went everywhere.

At one time Detroit was the 4th largest city in the USA. But as people ran away… the tax based shrank. What did Detroit gov do? Why, they, in their brilliance… RAISED TAXES on whoever was left. So more folks ran away.

And with property taxes sooooo high… people stopped improving their property… they let the buildings go to hell. So more folks ran away. Higher taxes— more buildings fall apart—more folks run away to friendlier states—which means they have to raise taxes again… and so on.

What’s the solution for Detroit?

Let it collapse and rise out of it’s own ashes. It will. It’s already started to some degree. It’s becoming a normal city… not a city run by corrupt unions and central planners. There’s no money to fight over any more. Now… if you want to make it in Detroit… you’re going to have to produce. And production and savings is the future.

But Detroit is not alone. There are cities and towns all over the country that are facing bankruptcy. Even the US gov is rather bankrupt. And the security and safety of government jobs and pensions are no longer secure and safe. You’re going to have to make it on your own.

What you’re going to need to do is buck up… and start your own life. Make and produce your own products and services.

You’re going to have to start a business… buy a business…. Create a product…. Make your own life.

Grow Tomatoes In Your Kitchen

It could be something as simple as growing tomatoes in your kitchen window sill. It could be sewing dresses in your den. It could be fixing washing machines and dryers out of your garage.

If you don’t have skills you can sell… you’re have to get the skills. Farming skills, craft skills, manufacturer skills, selling skills, marketing skills, and more.

You can make craft furniture in your back yard with some simple hand tools.  You can raise exotic birds and sell them to pet shops. You can learn almost anything on Youtube.

The Detroit-ifcation of America is a big deal. But you can change your life and give yourself a bright and happy future… but you’ve got to take the initiative. No ones gonna do it for you.

If you want to have a profitable business—get the training and product(s) and marketing and management systems… you need… to be successful… I can plug you into a business for peanuts. It’s a real income opportunity that you can take advantage of… even if you’ve never owned a business or sold anything before.

Intrigued? You should be. Especially if you can see that the Detroit-Syndrome is breathing down the neck of many cities in our country.

Call me… I’ll help you get started. I’m retired now. But in my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve bought businesses, started businesses, consulted with businesses and sold businesses. I can coach you on the right and wrong ways to go about it. Don’t depend on a failed system for your retirement. Build your own life.



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