How To “Ethically Bribe” Your Customers To Be Customers.

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Yes, How To “Ethically Bribe” Your Customers To Be Customers.

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Dear Friend,


There’s a whole lotta bribing going on out there. Of course bribing goes on in the criminal world. Those crooks bribe the police, the district attorney, the judges, etc.

But there’s also a lotta “legal” bribing going on too. It’s called campaign contributions, political payback, promises not to close a military base in your state, or “Vote-For-Me-And-I’ll-Give-You-Free-Stuff” bribe. (Cell phones, health care, education, tax breaks, government jobs, etc.)


I’m not writing ‘bout those kind of bribes. I’m here to talk about “ETHICAL BRIBES” – for small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and business managers.


The kind of “bribes” I am talking about can also be called “reciprocity”. I’m talking about Fuller Brush Salesman kinds of bribe.


Long before you and I were born there used to be these door-to-door salesmen – selling brushes, brooms, and cleaning supplies. The salesman would knock on the door and give the lady of the house a FREE brush. It was a small price to pay – to get her to stop and listen to the complete sales pitch.


It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. You could be a chiropractor, a retail shoe store, or an Ebay seller. But give me just a minute or two and I will reveal to you – How You Can “Ethically Bribe” Every Customer To Keep Buying From You. – And you’re “bribing” cost is only about $2 bucks.


Before I go on – I must remind you that this could be the most important “high profit” concept you will ever stumble upon.


FACT: To get a customer to come in and buy from you the first time is an expensive proposition. If you add up all your SELLING COSTS – advertising, sales commissions, customer satisfaction efforts, and follow-up, you could be looking at say, a $400 cost on a $1,000 purchase (think “water heaters”, if you run a plumbing business – if the water heater costs you $300 wholesale, and your selling costs are $400… you’re only left with $300, to pay your rent, bookkeeping, taxes, and other overhead. Where’s the profit? Slim.)


FACT: Your REAL profits come when that customer buys from you A SECOND TIME and a THRID TIME. – Just don’t piss them off and do a little follow-up and your selling costs on the second and third sale is only say $50 DOLLARS or less compared to the selling costs of the first sale.


So, how do you cheaply and effectively get them to come back and buy a second time?

You could put them on a mailing list and drop them a post card from time to time. You could email them. You could text message them. You can call them, etc. (I actually offer this ongoing follow-up service to wise business owners who know the value of the second sale.)


But that’s not why I am writing.

You see… I have a “sneaky little trick” that can bring you the second and third sale and your selling costs could be as little as $2 bucks.



I can get you 500 to 1,000 or more… VERY NICE PENS – with your company name, logo and phone number on it. Nice pens. For about $2 bucks each.

Please note: I can get you cheaper pens with your company name, etc. … for as little as 20¢ each.


But I want you to get the second sale… so I’m advising you to splurge. – Get the NICE PENS. They look good. They feel good in your hand. And they last a lot longer.

And when you give these pens away to your customers, they will see it’s quality and feel much more possessive of this pen than a cheaper pen. And the chances increase that they will remember you – fell somewhat indebted to you and will call you when it’s time for them to purchase again.


Remember those Fuller Brush Salesmen I mentioned? The lady of the house felt these same feelings when they were handed a new brush free. Fuller Brush is a multi-million dollar operation. They’ve been around for over 100 years.

And – Fuller’s success was all based on this idea of RECIPROSITY (an “ethical bribe” if you will.)


I’m sure I don’t have to quote exact statistics about repeat buyers who REMEMBER your company name, your brand, and your product/service from these types of PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS.


But mix in the idea that you gave them good service along with that promotional product (a NICE pen in this case). And you could be building a very loyal following worth millions of dollars to you.



Go to my online Promotional Products Catalog. (

Look on pages 3 through 28. There you will find DOZENS OF NICE PENS… you can order with your company namephone numbermessage on it. And the cost to you is only 18¢ to $2.20 depending on the pen you want and the quantity you order.

Pick out the pen you want then call me. I’ll process your order, prepare your art work and make sure you have a wonderful buying experience from me. Why? Because I want your 2nd and 3rd purchase too.

I love all kinds of marketing. I’ve been in the marketing business for some 25 years. And the “pen trick” is a proven winner for almost any kind of business.

Don’t put this off. Do it now – go to

… Go there while it’s fresh on your mind. Or call me – I’ll walk you through the process and get you loaded up with some really nice pens to give away to customers and potential customers.

And THANK YOU in advance for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Yours truly,
Linwood Austin

“Mr. Promotional Products”.


P.S. Even in our computer age, everyone still loves a nice pen.