From Forbes: Is “MLM” a bad word?

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Is “MLM” a bad word?

There is a noteworthy article over at Forbes.

It’s about how MLM gets a bad rap… but a lot of folks have been helped by MLM… and have made a nice living from it.

Go check it out.

Mary Kay.. women who earn enough to drive a hot new caddy.

Avon folks who make it. Tupperware people who make it.

The article is all about “home based business”.

Listen… GO READ THE COMMENTS… lots of folks who left comments have found a home in the MLM business.

Maybe you don’t know anyone who’s made it in MLM. But does that mean it can’t work? No. How many top level CEO’s have you met? How many Steve Jobs have you met? How many Warren Buffets’ have you met? Just because you haven’t met many successful people… does that mean they don’t exist?


Go read it–


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