“From Poorhouse To the Penthouse”

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 From Poorhouse To the Penthouse.

I found this over at Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/chicceo/2012/09/27/is-mlm-a-bad-word/

It’s a comment from Julie Ho… who is the leader of my Talk Fusion team—

http://blogs.forbes.com/people/julieho/Julie Ho 1 year ago

“Thanks for the nice article Chic CEO and Jody Coughlin. Yes! indeed this is the last frontier of the enterprise … just a quick story how this industry of Home Based Business Changed our BROKE family. TALK FUSION – ALL THE WAY! – IT’S POSSIBLE! We went from the Poor house to Penthouse. Talk Fusion has totally changed our lives completely. Due to the recession we lost everything in the Mortgage industry. Looking back 24 months ago, we had only 2 pennies left in our pocket and a Sheriff gave us a 72 hour notice due to 5 months behind on our rent, with 7 kids and 4 grand kids…it was very rough all around. Talk Fusion’s Powerful Instant Pay Reward Plan was a miracle for us. It kept us alive! We were able to clear up all of our financial debts and paid cash for a BMW X5 SUV, Qualified for 2013 550 SL Mercedes Benz which the company reimburse $600 per month. We’re able to Donate thousands of dollars to Charities plus We’re traveling around the world to give back to share the good news of Talk Fusion so they too have a chance to change their lives. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina INSPIRED us to turn the IMPOSSIBLE into POSSIBLE! We want to Thank Bob Reina for the Talk Fusion Finest Opportunity, his VISION and his AMAZING foresight. He has allowed ordinary people like us to earn extraordinary income, a 7 figure-lifestyle in less than a year in 2011 and multiple 7 figures lifestyle for in less than 2 years. In closing! We’d like to say, we’re honored to be a part of such a visionary and exciting opportunity. Everything is in place for explosive growth around the globe. We always wanted to have a business that we could work from home together. Talk Fusion is truly a Home Based Business! Thousands of Associates globally love this platform. If you are looking for a solid home based business, a worldwide opportunity, incredible stellar products with the world’s first instant pay compensation plan for your efforts plus an undying system and support … Your timing is perfect! look no further.
It has given us the chance of a lifetime to be able to “Pay It Forward”. CHEERS!

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