Why I gave up the plumbing business and Jumped into Talk Fusion.

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Make sure every plumber you know see this.

Dear Plumbing Friend,

If you want to make money you have to follow trends. In the Roman empire, when plumbing was new… plumbers were gods. They piped in water from miles and miles away. They got rid of the poop. Everyone in the Roman empire LOVED the new plumbers.

But today… everyone has plumbing… and the trends are down hill now. The only time they call you… generally speaking… is when something is broken.

There is no “demand”… for plumbing when everyone has plumbing.

If you want to make money… quick and easy… compared to what you’re doing now… you MUST consider something new.

Plumbing is back-braking work. It’s labor intensive. It’s not appreciated much.

How many Christmas cards have you gotten from your “happy” customers??????

So what do you do… ? Here’s what you must do…

Go watch this video… http://www.powerfulwebinar.biz/.

It’s new… you might feel uncomfortable with something NEW… but it’s what you need.

If you keep doing the same ole things… you can surely expect the SAME RESULTS. Right?

How many plumbing customers do you need to make $100,000 a year… in PURE PROFITS?

Let’s go over the numbers…

If you take away… all your costs… the cost of materials… the cost of your trucks… the costs of your licenses… fees… workers’ comp… taxes… advertising costs… ect… you actually have to make at least $500,000 a year in gross sales… to pocket $100,000.

I base these numbers on this idea… the prices you must charge the customer is this… you MUST charge 5 times your labor costs… in order to really make it in this business.

What? You’re not charging 5 times labor? YIKES… that means you’re going to have to work even harder to make $100,000 a year.

OK… let’s say you get $1,000 from each customer… (water heater customers, busted toilet customers, clogged drain customers)… is this too much? … stick with me… if you get $1,000 from each customer… you’re going to need 500 customers a year… to make your $500,000 gross each year. That means you’ll need 40 new customers each month to reach that goal.

And if you don’t get $1,000 at least from each customer… you’ll need even more customers. YIKES.

OK… go here…   http://www.powerfulwebinar.biz/

It’s a business with no back-braking work… just smile and dial.

And it’s a business that gives you about $100,000 a year WITH ONLY 40 CUSTOMERS. Not 40 a month… just 40 period.

Ain’t that cool?

No buying inventory and materials. No buying tools and supplies. No hiring employees. No overhead like you need in the plumbing business.

Don’t be scared of something new. If you can tackle a filthy, stinking septic tank… you can do this.

And you can do this from your home. I’ll make sure you get the right training… to do this. And you can gin up your 40 customers in about 6 months… if you just devote about one or two hours a day.

If you’re getting up before dawn… and coming home exhausted… you need to go see this video… www.PowerfulWebinar.biz.

It’s a 35 minute presentation that can change your life.

Get out of the plumbing business and get into something that can pay you up to $50,000 a week… if you work it … and have the drive.

The company will even give you a Brand New Mercedes… if you prove yourself in this business.

Do it now. Go there and watch the video… and then call me.

I grew up in plumbing. My daddy was a plumber. I owned a plumbing business for a while. I know it’s tough. The competition is tough. The hours are tough. The employees are tough. The economy is tough. Getting your price is tough.

This new opportunity can’t be any tougher than what you’re doing now… but the rewards are better… WAY BETTER.