How To Get My Sales Team Motivated.

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Are there TOO MANY PEOPLE on your team who dragging their feet?

You know in your heart they have MASSIVE potential. But they are missing something. Something vital.

Here’s the problem:

You see the true vast potential of network marketing…  but team members don’t …

You SEE THE OPPORTUNITY, but it feels like you’ve reached a “dead end”.

Your team and you income has peaked. It’s not growing like you hoped.

You feel secretly frustrated but you try to put on a good face.

You need some help.

Your team needs help.

If you relate – even a little bit —Good News.  Help is on the way…Keep reading.

ANNOUNCING: The Team Leader’s Network Marketing Solution for Massive Growth.
This Solution Reveals How To Energize Your Team & Reach…

New Growth

New Motivation

New Confidence

And… New, Amazing People Who Are Motivated To Join You

Dear Network Marketing Pro,

You know the truth about our industry. … The industry has been abused and exploited.

No matter how good your product is… when they hear its “MLM”… they run.

No matter how good your comp plan is… when they hear its “MLM”… they run.

It’s enough to drive you crazy. You see the potential… but others have their eyes clouded.

Drill down… and you’ll find the core of the problem: LACK OF TRUST. Trust is the most basic, primal, human need. Trust relates our core need for security, growth, confidence and a happier life.

Without trust, we have nothing.

It’s the “lack of trust” that makes it DIFFICULT for many distributors AND our team members to charge ahead and succeed.

It’s because of this “trust issue” with the MLM industry, that many AMAZING PEOPLE flat out dismiss you and your team.

They dismiss the immense potential… you and your company offer. They dismiss it SO QUICKLY, they totally miss HOW REMARKABLE what you’re saying…really IS!

Why else would your truly remarkable income-opportunity – with such an exceptional products and hot pay plan, be so rapidly be brushed aside and ignored by so many people?

“It’s a tragedy that an extraordinarily powerful business model – network marketing – is tossed aside and disregarded so easily. It’s like treating a Ferrari as a toy car.”

 Zazz Daniel

Hello. My name is Zazz Daniel. I don’t know much about writing advertising copy… But I know network marketing. And it’s important for you to read every word of this letter. And…If you’re like me… you’re thinking…Ok, Zazz…How CAN WE genuinely create the most valuable element in our business – How can we create TRUST?

That’s why I’m writing.

That’s exactly what our new program is about. Introducing…The Team Leaders’ Network Marketing Solution for Massive Growth

Listen. When done professionally and from a heart of service, network marketing can be the ultimate business model of shared joy and personal freedom.

Stop what you’re doing and let’s talk about this. Call this number: 801-895-9598. Let’s explore the new possibilities.

What’s it all about? Just this…

We now offer  a 4-month (16-Week ) TEAM TRANSFORMATIONAL online workshop.

It’s an education-driven, business-growth, BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE in network marketing.


And it works.

Over and over and over.

It creates incredibly SOLID TEAMS that generate LONG-TERM INCOME (over MANY years).

How does it work?

We STRIPPED AWAY ALL THE HYPE. We’ve learned how to utilize pure, uncorrupted, brilliant, business models within the network marketing industry.

And then we teach and apply simple and basic PRINCIPLES that work.  EVERY TIME.  Yes, I said every time. This does not mean, of course, that you or ANY OF US get what we want all the time. What it does mean is this:

When the principles are APPLIED without the glare of hype (exaggeration!), there is a GROWING UNDERSTANDING. Some call it GRACE. We call it 40-years’ experience of hard-won KNOWLEDGE of what works – and what doesn’t.

“Works” by the way, means a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS. One that you can count on to PAY YOU FOR YEARS.

Here are a few results you can expect DURING Our 16-Week TEAM TRANSFORMATION course:

  • Case studies – ON YOUR TEAM – as to how – EXACTLY – LONG-TERM INCOME was ACHIEVED.
  • An INDUSTRY EDUCATION you will not receive anywhere else. One that will shift the MINDSET to UNSTOPPABLE INSPIRED BUSINESS-FOCUSED ACTION.

What People Say…

My name is Sherif Deeb, from Cairo, Egypt. and I’ve been in network marketing since 2008 (currently Organo Gold and Talk Fusion). I’ve met many amazing people and incredible leaders. However, I’ve never met a leader like Zazz Daniel. Zazz taught me a totally different way to approach relationship marketing. To work with Zazz is to experience the evolution of network marketing, to experience where the industry is headed, and to learn how to grow and earn consistently. And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Why Is Network Marketing VASTLY Underperforming?

Consider this: The network marketing industry generated approximately $40 Billion in sales in 2012.

But when we notice: enormous attrition, negative press, consistent controversies, and very low percentage of sustainable business growth. And it becomes CLEAR…

The industry is VASTLY UNDERPERFORMING. It’s not close to realizing its GENUINE POTENTIAL.


The Poisoned Marketplace

We say to ourselves….

”Why don’t they get it?! Don’t they see the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL?”

Once again, it’s THE LACK OF TRUST that undermines the willingness for others to see what’s possible.

It’s extremely challenging for new – or even current teammates – to persevere, once they taste the negativity in the marketplace. How do they continue on after from hearing from people they know and respect have such a sour view. Network marketers without an education often buy into this poisoned perception.

Enthusiasm drops. Interest wanes.

Sound familiar?

From Giddy To Gone

We’ve all heard, “isn’t that a pyramid scheme?” A common experience FOR SO MANY NEW PEOPLE.

Isn’t it CRUSHING to watch a happy and excited NEW TEAMMATE go from giddy to virtually gone in a short time? So many new people die a too-quick, too-soon, one-way trip to the network marketing graveyard.

What IS The Source of The Poison?

Ironically, the industry’s negative PR is often self-inflicted. IT’S THE HYPE!

Hype undermines trust. Though it can sound exciting, it creates TRUST and credibility questions.

Your prospect is quietly thinking and feeling…“Is this thing being EXAGGERATED?” When people question (often silently) the validity, THEY DO NOT TRUST.  And, without trust, as you know, you have NOTHING.

Having to constantly deal with the myths and negativity is SWIMMING AGAINST THE TIDE. For most people, unless they are WELL EQUIPPED (educated and mentored) they have little chance of success.

Even so, we often POUR OUR HEARTS into these people that REALLY WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE IN THE PROMISE OF NETWORK MARKETING but simply cannot really believe it. It can be EXHAUSTING, can’t it?

The Giant Chain Around Every Ones’ Neck

The lack of trust and lack of industry credibility is like spitting into a strong wind. It often gets blown back at us. It can be VERY discouraging.

These common, negative viewpoints stunt your group growth, and push the success you desire further and further away. It’s like trying to walk in deep mud – HUGE EFFORT with little headway.

Yet, the truth remains that underneath all the hype and negativity is a BRILLIANT BUSINESS MODEL.

How can we LEVERAGE the TIME & MONEY elements without being consumed with the negativity of the marketplace? ONE WORD…


Ongoing with regular practice. EDUCATION.

With a proper education that is consistently offered and woven into the business culture, the myths and fears that many carry, disappears like fog on a hot day.

Network marketing industry Education (correct, hype-free information) Creates Growing Confidence.


By now… you probably have a hundred questions about our new program. Now it’s time to pick up the phone… and call 801-895-9598. Let’s talk.

Growing confidence naturally leads to professional attitudes and higher standards.

Growing confidence becomes a MAJOR ATTRACTION ELEMENT. People WANT to be with others that are confident and living joyfully in their own business.

If more and more people on your team were able to overcome this negativity around network marketing…. Attrition would decrease. Volume would be stable – if not GROWING STEADILY.

Overcoming “The Stigma”

This confidence and growing professionalism helps them overcome “the stigma” (deeply negative viewpoint).

They now have confidence in the industry because they have been taught to KNOW AND UNDERSTAND the industry. And, with their newly found CLARITY and CONFIDENCE, the biggest skeptics are now joining and working with them.

Did You, O’ Network Marketing Leader, Always Have This Level Of Confidence?

How DID YOU make it through the muck of negative public opinion? Somehow, you did. AS A COMMITTED LEADER, you overcame the negativity and created a nice sized organization (that’s awesome by the way!)

However, to have LONG-TERM GROWTH AND INCREASING PROFITS, your TEAM must be SUCCESSFUL OVER TIME. Not just short term growth and quick money.

You need them to succeed. Their success is YOUR SUCCESS, right?

I’d love to hear your experience: Let’s explore this now: 801-895-9598

THE SOLUTION… To New Success In Network Marketing.


This is what the TRANSFORMATION creates:

  • A LOT MORE PEOPLE ON YOUR TEAM feel comfortable and POSITIVE about their experience in this business and their consistently increasing success.
    • EASILY OVERCOME the negativity and REMAIN EXCITED.
    • EASILY BUILD A TEAM AROUND THEM without needing you so desperately – a lot of the time?

Rather than babysitting your newbies, you could focus primarily on bringing people to your team.

Then PLUG THEM INTO an education-driven, inspired business culture where THEY SEE HOW they are making LASTING INCOME.

Under these circumstances, your team will REMAIN HAPPY AND MOTIVATED!

The SOLUTION for Network Marketing Achieves All That…And A Lot More.

Again… My name is Zazz Daniel. I’ve been in network marketing for 21 years and have had a steady residual income, every month, since 1992!

I’ve made quite a bit of money in the industry.

I’ve seen and lived the challenges and problems with the industry. And, after a LOT OF FRUSTRATION and a lot of experimentation, I’ve found and developed A TRUE SOLUTION for the industry. As I shared above, the answer is in education and professional approach and standards.

To PROVE MY POINT… LET ME ASK YOU 3 questions. Then, tell me if your conclusions match up with my conclusions.

1.    Are the majority of people you (and your team) share your opportunity with, often not open to your business – JUST BECAUSE it’s network marketing?

2.    Are some of the brightest and most capable people  – people you’d love to partner with – “unreachable” because they have a negative association of network marketing?

3.    Are many of the people on your team – even if they love the product or program –afraid to approach new people because they may respond negatively?

If you answered YES to the 3 questions above, we urgently need to talk.

Pick up your phone. Call: 801-895-9598

What People Say…

Sharon Rosen, New York, With Young Living says: “Zazz knows the industry thoroughly, has tested its waters extensively, and has created a new paradigm that will bring more ease, joy, passion and success to anyone who learns it.”

Our 16-week Team Transformation course supports you and trains your team and ALL THE NEW PEOPLE, TOO. We teach and mentor your team on how to turn network marketing into consistent growth, professionally focused, and deeply satisfying. Wouldn’t that be WONDERFUL!

I mean…REALLY WONDERFUL? But it’s still hard to fathom. We understand.



Len Clements will also help guide your team. He’s an MLM Industry Expert.

Len Clements is a court certified expert in the field of multilevel marketing whose full time field of study for the past 23 years has been researching and analyzing all aspects of MLM. Len has been a successful distributor (#1 earner in 8 of 10 years) and held various corporate positions with MLM companies, including CEO. Len is also a professional speaker, trainer, and corporate consultant. He is the author of the controversial book “Inside Network Marketing” as well as the audio presentations “Case Closed!”, “The Quintessential Qualifying Question” and “The Coming Network Marketing Boom.”

MarketWave began as a “Consumer Reports” type of organization which reviewed and rated network marketing companies (1990 through 1997). Len continues to actively gather information specifically related to what causes MLM programs to succeed and fail, both financially and legally, which he incorporates into his training, corporate consulting and expert witness activities. For more information, visit

I addition, Len was a prime influencer for the creation of the first college business degreed MLM program. Bethany College, in 2011. He was also a major contributor in the curriculum development

Lens’ 2 module mini-course is entitled: What’s Right. What’s Wrong With The Network Marketing Industry. His knowledge will astound and inspire you to new levels of confidence and influence.

What People Say…

“Len Clements’s influence in the network marketing industry cannot be understated. I can say with 100% certainty that Len is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country with respect to the direct sales industry. Kevin Thompson, Leading Attorney for Network Marketing Industry.

John Milton Fogg, One of the All Time Best Selling Network Marketing Authors “You are… one of THE most remarkable people I have ever known. No kidding! You amaze me.”

Joseph Olewitz will also help guide the class: He’s a “Conscious Enrollment Master”. He is well known for his business acumen. He is passionate about relationship marketing and building intentional business communities. He is currently CEO and Principal Consultant of 22nd Story Strategies, where his trademarked tag-line “Intentional Growth” represents a business development discipline that incorporates clear goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) to deliver strategic advisory services and follow-up tactical execution plans.

Throughout his career he has been on the leading edge of introducing innovative sales training programs focused on building relationships – ESSENTIAL in network marketing. Joseph’s “Professional Selling Skills” course at Xerox was a landmark for the company.

What Joseph brings to the Team Transformation course  is the knowledge and expertise of conscious selling. In the course, he teaches modules on How to Become A Master Enroller. He teaches how to become aware of unintentional SELLING (pushing based on OUR agenda – not our contacts’ needs). He illustrates how to effectively engage people and have them definitively and consciously CHOOSE their participation.

With Josephs’ system, your prospects will enroll themselves!. Joseph’s techniques MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER – for your contacts AND for yourself.

Joseph doesn’t teach how to sell. He teaches HOW TO ENROLL – a vital distinction. His modules are based on extensive high level corporate experience, deep psychology, and practical understanding.

Joseph’s LIVE modules on How To Become A Master Enroller helps us understand the network marketing experience in terms of:

How and why people respond – or not – to your offer

How and why people GENUINELY CONNECT, and how to easily facilitate this

What your prospects are thinking but NOT SAYING…and how to address that

Helping your contact let go of resistance!

As a result of Joseph’s LIVE modules: Your team members understanding and confidence will SKYROCKET

What People Say…

Karen Finckenor SVP, Director of Creative Management Joseph is the 007 of newbiz and client relationships; elegantly masterful at understanding strategic needs, selling work and growing into a trusted advisor of his clients; mentoring and managing teams with Zen and wisdom. He is exceptional at what he does as well as an extraordinary human being – insightful, nurturing, open and warm.

Zazz Daniel, Founder of The Solution For Network Marketing

I’ve enjoyed a passive residual income from network marketing every month since 1992. It was because of the stability of this income that I realized that it’s possible to create long-term income and, quite possibly, lifetime income. I have a bachelors degree in photography, which I then worked as a professional for a decade. I also spent years as a tennis teaching pro. On the creative side, I invented an innovative musical product, AudioFitness, that blended music and exercise in a dynamic way. The product received high praise from Deepak Chopra. In addition, II have a Lifestyle Coaching certification. There’s a lot more to my background and experience than all that. I’d be happy to share that if, when, we speak directly.

Can Network Marketing Realize It’s Potential Without All The HYPE???


Like many people, I have a love/hate relationship with network marketing. I LOVE the lifestyle and freedom which is supported by the leveraging of time and money that is available through a self-created distribution network. I also despise (yes, strong word), the inauthenticity and exaggerations that are quite common.

After taking a break from MLM for several years (though continuing to collect a healthy residual income), I decided that, if I was to ever fully engage the industry again, that I would only do it with the intent to help it shift in a more AUTHENTIC DIRECTION.

I decided this for selfish reasons: I want to FEEL GOOD about all aspects of the business. I don’t JUST want to make money if the false promises and excess hype simply lead more people to the ever-growing network marketing graveyard – where hopelessness has replaced hype-full ness.


Over the last 2 years I’ve interviewed countless people about their experience in network marketing. What I’ve heard over and over matched what I’d felt all along….that there was MASSIVE DISCOMFORT with how the industry was commonly presented and experienced.

There are MILLIONS of MLM refugees. They’ve given up what was once an inspired hope and dream. , If only they could replace the sour taste in their mouth with something that felt better BETTER…more PROFESSIONAL and, especially, have a GENUINE LASTING RESIDUAL INCOME…there’d be a STAMPEDE BACK TO NETWORK MARKETING.

And that is exactly our intent with this course. To give those that see the true power – and how honorable IT CAN BE – the education, tools, and support to realize ALL THE POTENTIAL network marketing offers.

With the input of leaders in the industry (and business leaders who USED TO BE in the industry (they left for similar reasons to me…IT FELT INAUTHENTIC), Len Clements, Joseph Olewitz, and I put together this BREAKTHROUGH course. It’s unlike anything you have seen or heard about before. It’s truly a breakthrough which creates exceptional results.

What People Are Saying…About Joseph Olewitz

Kerry Bodine, Coauthor of Outside In | Speaker | VP & Principal Analyst — Customer Experience at Forrester Research

Because I always learn something from him. I’ve been able to witness and tap into Joseph’s deep expertise in sales, marketing, and negotiation. His mentorship has influenced me both professionally and personally. I always have fun. Joseph clearly values his relationships with co-workers and clients. He works (though it seems effortless) to build a strong rapport with nearly everyone he meets. Obviously he’s enjoying the ride — and he helps others do the same!

Our 16-week course: TEAM TRANSFORMATION:

Helps your team gain…


Dramatically INCREASE CREDIBILITY in the eyes of their prospects


ACTION PLANS that they are increasingly COMFORTABLE with

Extended Benefits For Your Team Members:

Quickly Learned: Apply and earn IMMEDIATELY from the course

Increased Commitment: Your team increases their commitment to YOUR business.

Increased Confidence: When you are CERTAIN, confidence is sky high.

Increased Motivation: Success increases, motivation rises.

Increased Credibility: You’re growing expertise causes people to TAKE NOTICE.

Benefits For Your Team Culture

Growth of team energy and Identity is powerful!

Your Culture Becomes An Attraction Point. People ASK TO JOIN YOU!

Your Team Develops An Identity That Participants Love (and talk freely about!)

Outsiders are amazed that business could be SO INSPIRED… and Make A Profit!

Your Team Becomes a Hotbed For Education

A new exciting vision For the long term potential of network marketing is growing like wildfire

What People Say…

“ I’ve come to understand network marketing in a refreshingly enlightened way. Zazz continues to be an excellent mentor and guide for me personally as I am discovering a new path. His energy is authentic and he speaks a language I can relate to in my line of work as a spiritual health coach. I’m grateful to have such a great teacher available to me!” Samantha Huston, Healer

Now is the time to check this out. Call now: 801-895-9598

Who Should Do This?

A Network Marketing Team Leader Who Recognizes…

  • The Long View: The true long term viability of a properly built network marketing organization
  • Attrition: That the majority of people who join and are excited but then due to uncertainty and discomfort about the business, they gradually fall off. They see – or have seen – many people quit as a result.
  • Limited Growth: Their organization is relatively stagnant and/or not able to gain consistent momentum
  • Lost Opportunity: Most people who have HIGH POTENTIAL (good personality, great contacts, etc) – rarely realize  a significant portion of that high potential
  • Uncertainty: That the long term outlook for their team growth is uncertain.

Now there is.

What People Say:

 “Are you ready to be seen, heard and responded to on every level so you can truly create a community and business of your dreams? Learn from Zazz and his extraordinary team and be part of a movement that will positively impact not only your bank account, but also your desire to serve and transform our world.” Sharon Rosen, New York, with Young Living,:

One of the most POWERFUL BUSINESS MODELS ever created is Network Marketing.
We ALL know how this model has been abused and exploited.

The Solution…16 Weeks of Complete, Irreversible, Paradigm Busting….

Team Transformation

This 16-week, 4-month course will completely transform your network marketing team and your business.  We have taken our combined 40-years of experience and learned – with certainty – what works every time in this industry.

We’ve also learned – with complete certainty – what does not work, what isn’t sustainable, and what consistently freaks people out about network marketing.

Can this extremely powerful business model somehow be fully utilized?

Can this genius business model ever come close to it’s vast potential?


What People Say…About Zazz Daniel

Adele Beeman, Talk Fusion, says, “Leaders are not born.  Leaders surge forth when they are ignited by a belief in something greater than themselves. The character of leadership can only be lived.  Great leaders inspire and build up. Leaders are committed to doing what is right and they attract others by their own actions.  Today, I have the pleasure of working with a man who embodies all of these fine qualities.  Zazz Daniel, please, stand up.  I want to thank you for being a great leader and always being there for me.  You Rock…big time!”

Right about now—you should be saying… “OK…If this can truly help my team, I’d like to talk – No Pitching –  Just A Conversation. Agreed?”      


Call Me Right Now! 801-895-9598.

I’d be happy to talk to you and give you lots of information about The Solution. These are some of the possible discussion points when we talk:

* Where there’s growth, where it’s flat, where is there attrition? And WHY?
* How many true leaders are on your team and how they are doing?
How ATTRACTIVE IS your team to prospective leaders?
* What are accurate projections for long-term growth?

Benefits of our discussion:

* You’ll see remarkable new potentials within your team.
* You’ll get greater clarity of the true health of your organization.
* You’ll greatly value the information you received.

You’ll also feel NO OBLIGATION or pressure of any kind from me. In fact, I suggest it’s likely that you’ll feel GOOD…Honored and Respected.

YES, I’d Love To Speak With You About This, But Please Keep In Mind…

We only work with a MAXIMUM of 2 teams per month. If you are interest is sparked, call me to discuss.

You’ll find out quickly if this is the program you’ve been looking for.
Call now… 801-895-9598.

What People Say…About Len Clements

“Len, about 17 years ago I subscribed to your monthly newsletter. I want you to know how much I have admired your work over all these years. Thank you for your often selfless sacrifices to champion the real opportunities for the honest networker. Keep leading wisely!” – David Ledoux

However, we only work with committed leaders (with any CREDIBLE company). I’ll need to know that you meet certain guidelines. For a free analysis and consultation regarding your organization and information regarding The Solution, these are the two essential requirements:


2. YOU HAVE AN ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATION (more than 6 months old) + FULL TIME INCOME (or close to it!).

If you meet the requirement above (first of all – CONGRATULATIONS, you are rare!), please pick up the phone and call: Linwood Austin 801-895-9598. He’ll get the conversation started and put you in touch with me right away.

I look forward to speaking with another network marketing leader!

The Solution for Network Marketing offers a vision and plan you have likely never heard of before. And, as you’ll hear, there is CERTAIN SUCCESS for your team IF you chose to adopt it. At the very least, you’ll be HAPPY WE SPOKE.

What People Say…About Zazz Daniel

Sherif Deeb, Cairo, Egypt. If you’re interested in building a team on trust and building a team that you can last and grow together for years, then I urge you to work with Zazz and his extraordinary team. GONE are the days of the pushy MLMer. They have been replaced with ‘the respectable professional’ in relationship marketing. TEAM TRANSFORMATION showed me how to be ‘this’ type of relationship marketer, and I’m forever grateful. Zazz and the faculty has been the most thoughtful, supportive, and incredible leader in this industry I have met. They are innovative, transparent, and will teach you lasting success. Work with them, you will be glad you did! 

If you’d like to speak with me directly prior to our meeting, please contact me: