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google got busted


MOST business owners suffer from ads, emails, web pages, etc… that WASTE SELLING OPPORTUNITY.

IF YOU’RE smart… you’ll stop paying for just “views” from Google… Facebook… LinkedIn, etc. Instead you’ll pay for “clicks”

Then… IF YOU’RE EVEN SMARTER… you’ll stop measuring your marketing efforts in how much you SPEND on advertising… and instead… you’ll measure COST PER LEAD. And COST PER SALE.

It’s typical for a business owner to say “I spend $5,000 a month on advertising”. But they don’t measure how many leads or sales they get from that $5,000

Before I showed up… one of my clients was spending about $300 in advertising costs just to get the phone to ring. I told him I could do better

I revised his ads… and dropped some ad media and added other media.

I got his phone to ring for about $17.50 per call.

He was selling a $2,000 product.

He was thrilled with the new results.

You’re foolish to spend money on advertising and marketing without measuring results.

You don’t want to wait until the end of the year to measure results. You want to know within days… if the ad is successful or not.

There are some 120 years of advertising research as to WHAT WORKS and WHAT DOES NOT WORK. Dating back to the 1800’s and the sellers of so-called “snake oil”.

You’re web site guy and your SEO guy should know this research.

Nothing has changed really. Human nature… is still the same.

Buyers respond to the right message… and potential buyers reject the wrong message.

If more advertisers measured RESULTS and RESPONSE… they would not waste so much money with Google or any other medium.

Before one more dime is spent on advertising… it might pay you to pick up the phone and spend an hour with me learning the science of HIGH-PROFIT, DIRECT MARKETING techniques you can use to EXPLODE YOUR SALES AND PROFITS.

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