How To Grow A Mighty Business Empire on WORD OF MOUTH Advertising Alone.

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

How To Grow A Mighty Business Empire on WORD OF MOUTH Advertising Alone.

I’ve been in the advertising business since the 1980’s.

So of course I’ve heard smart-asses all my life say WORD OF MOUTH advertising is the best.

And yet… here I am… an old man… and I don’t know any business that got anywhere on “word of mouth” – except MLM businesses.

And those MLM businesses pay their word of mouth advertisers BIG BUCKS to get out there and FLAP THEIR LIPS.


If you don’t pay those FLAPPING LIPS — they don’t flap.

So, you either pay commissions to salesmen to yakity yak… or you can pay me to write DOWN the WORDS for YOUR sales letters, ads, websites, Search Engine Optimization content, blogs, backlinks, email campaigns… etc. — either way – no one gets outta here without paying for WORD OF MOUTH(s).

I’m gonna give you my phone number in just a minute.

I want you to stare at it a good long time.

That phone number is your ticket to new profits.

Call it and magic happens. Don’t call it and you’ll pay for your mighty “word of mouth” advertising in some other way.

By the way… when we talk… I promise not to be one sided and tell ya, “you need a sales letter”. I might even help you reward your employees to use THEIR FLAPPING lips more efficiently… to increase your sales and profits.

Marketing is a HUGE – BROAD topic. Many ways to skin a cat. (Who made up that phrase, and what in the heck does it refer to?????)

Oh and if you’re reading this letter and ya don’t have a business, no problem… call me, I can plug you into a business for less that $2 bucks a day…. It’s a real product, with huge potential, international market, real support and real, great pay out (up to $10,000 a week or more).  What kind of business is it? Does it matter? It could be selling lipstick for all you care – as long as it makes you some decent money. Right?

BUT – if you have a business – and you want to INCREASE your SALES… and PROFITS… call me… let me put my “word of mouth” on paper, or on screen… and get thousands if not millions of folks to read my magic word of mouth… and click the BUY NOW button for you.

Here is that phone number I promised:

Linwood Austin