Can 5 Mormon Women Make You Rich?

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Can 5 Mormon Women Make You Rich?

Years ago… Gary Halbert made the argument that there are two kinds of mail.

The A-Pile
And the B-Pile.

He argued that most people get their mail from the mailbox… and sort the mail standing over a trash can. The A-Pile letters were put on the table… and the B-Pile letters went in the trash.

A-Pile letters were bills and letters they wanted to open.

B-Pile letters were the ones you did not want… and were tossed immediately.

Halbert said… if you wanted to get your mail opened, (even if were just a sales letter)…. PUT IT IN A HAND-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE. No one tosses a hand-addressed envelope in the trash without opening it and seeing what’s inside. You got their curiosity peaked. They gotta see who sent it. They gotta see if it’s from a friend.

Once you get them to open your envelope YOU’RE HALF WAY THERE. All the other letters that were obvious “sales letters” from car dealers, carpet cleaners, furniture clearance sales are trashed.

Once YOUR letter is opened… NOW… NOW… NOW… your letter has to “get to work”.

You’ve got to get them to STOP… READ… CONSIDER… and BUY.

BUT how do you do that? That’s where I come in handy.

I’ve got the skill and talent to write the sales letters you need… done it for years… profit proven letters… and I’ve got the “5 Mormon Women” to HAND ADDRESS the envelopes to get them opened.

I call ‘em “5 Mormon Women”… they are not my wives… Yes, I live in Salt Lake but I’m not Mormon… but these are the gals who will address your envelopes by hand… I don’t know if they are Mormon or not… but what do you care. I don’t. Just as long as they get your mailing out in a timely manner.

The point of this message is to tell you… we can do a bang up job for you… getting your marketing out to your customer list… and your prospect list. Get it opened. Read. And acted upon… turn them from prospects to buyers!!!!!!!

You know in your heart that you want these gals to make you rich. You know in your heart that I’m telling you the truth—that hand addressed envelopes GET OPENED.

AND YOU know in your heart… THIS is the YEAR you need to get serious about a SYSTEMATIC follow-up marketing campaign to current and old customers and the ALMOST customers in your file.

Pick up the phone and call me. Let’s DESTROY your competition… Let’s bring in fresh new sales… Let’s turn your time and inventory into piles of cash.

With my copywriting skills… and these 5 Mormon women… you could be sitting on a new pile of cash in no time flat.

NOTE: We can handle your real, snail mail AND your follow-up email, your post cards, your text messaging, your blogging, your SEO-ranking-traffic generations. It’s all part of the overall package “Drip Marketing”.  A profit-rich element no business operator should ignore.

LISTEN: If you don’t do this… if you don’t pick up the phone and lock me in to work for you… you are likely going to keep doing your old routine… and guess what? If you do the same old things… you’ll get the same old results. AND now is no time to use outdated, lazy marketing methods. Let’s add some real KICK to your marketing. Some “killer” copywriting AND put it in front of the eyes that matter.

Call me now.

Linwood Austin