“I Will Create Your Video Sales Messages And Send Them Out To Up to 3,000 Names Every Day (if you want me to) And Give You a Powerful Marketing Edge.”

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

 Video is the hot new trend* on the internet. (see below)

If you want to follow the trend and start using video to sell you ideas, your products and your services… think about this….

Posting video on the web is one angle. But if you’re going to make the video… you might as well SEND THE VIDEO OUT to everyone on your mailing list.

We can do that for you. We can make and send out your video to your list.

We can make a new video each day… each week… or each month. And mail it out to your list… lickity-split. We can mail out to thousands with just a click.

If you want a bare bones—video… with no fancy graphics… just your sales message done with a “talking head”… we could make each video for as low as $995. And mail it out to your whole list of names (up to 3,000 names) for just $75 per month. If we mail once a day… once a week… or once a month… it’s just $75 a month.

Before we get started though… we must charge a $1,995 set up fee. This fee is for applying our “brain-power” to help develop a clear strategy about your business… your “positioning” and your goals. We cannot make your sales video without this vital process. To do this… we’ll need about an hour of your time… to go over 25 very specific marketing questions about your customer base, your competition, your core benefits, your customers’ buying objections… and more. The answers to these questions will be the real power behind the success of our VIDEO EMAIL marketing campaign.

Here’s the investment on your part:

$75 a month for sending out an unlimited video emails to a list of up to 3,000 names. (once a day, once a week, or once a month.

$995 (or more, depending on quality, production values, and graphic adaptations) for making each video to send out.

And $1,995 for the set-up process of this service.

Here’s why you should be moving towards VIDEO MARKETING:


  1. FACT: some 89 million people will log in to watch online video Today.
  2. FACT: Cisco Systems predicts that number will double to 1.5 billion a day… by 2016.
  3. FACT: Kantar Media says only 24% of “national” brands are using online video to market to consumers. (It’s growing.)
  4. FACT: As for mobile phones—online video is about 50% of online traffic. Some mobile networks are seeing 69% traffic in online video.
  5. FACT: Video email is up to 40% of traffic.
  6. FACT: 52% of consumers report that watching product videos makes them more confident in online buying decisions.
  7. FACT: Shoppers who use mobile phones and tablets are 3 times more likely to view a video as laptop or desktop computer users.
  8. FACT: Video ads… that have a social media link button gain as much as 36% higher engagement.
  9. FACT: Online video production will account for more than 1/3 of all online advertising within 5 years.
  10. WOW—WOW—WOW— FACT: 76% of marketers PLAN to add video to their sites. That makes it a higher priority than facebooking, twittering, and blogging.
  11. FACT: One researcher reports that 92% of mobile video viewers SHARE video with others.


…you must ACT NOW. The prices quoted here are introductory prices. Expect a price rise soon, as we become more involved in helping others market their products and services and ideas using VIDEO EMAIL services. Pick u the phone and call to lock us in today.

LET’S EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES today. If you’re a “do-it-your-selfer” I can even give you some tools and ideas that will help you move forward with VIDEO MARKETING and VIDEO EMAIL.