January Is the HOTTEST month for Direct Marketing.

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January Is the HOTTEST month for Direct Marketing.
How to get ready for the hottest month for direct marketing.

Get ready NOW for January’s HOT marketing Month.

As you know, January is the hottest month for direct marketing.

Why? It cold and dark. Do everyone is inside reading their mail, email, web sites, watching TV, and spending money from their arm chair.

You need to get on the stick and get some marketing ready to hit the streets the day after Christmas.

1. Do you need a new direct mail package? Call me.
2. Do you need a new web site? Call me.
3. Do you need a bunch of new emails to sell your product or service? Call me.
4. Video marketing? Call me.
5. Post cards? Call me.
6. Blogging copy?
7. Sales scripts? Call me.
8. TV ads? Call me.
9. Radio ads? Call me.
10. Newspaper and magazine ads? Call me.

You can’t just throw an ad together based in HUNCH or OPINION and expect it to work. You’re going to need some science and experience packed into your marketing.

If you call me NOW… I’ll lock in some time to create your marketing to hit the market in the cold, dark days coming in January.

I’ll make your ads with my tested, proven, HIGH-RESPONSE techniques.

I’ll incorporate NLP, salesmanship, story-appeal, guarantees, competitive advantage devices, testimonials, news, benefits, proof, problem solving, and most importantly A CALL TO ACTION.

You see… far to many business owners need better response rates than ever before.

The economy is not in great shape. So you really need to give buyers and prospects real reasons to get off their butts… and BUY your product/service.

Response rates and SALES are all that matters.

I’ve created marketing packages and programs that have generated millions of dollars for wise clients who used my methods.

I’ve created ads for car dealers, furniture sellers, financial advisors, income opportunity marketers, wholesalers, retailers, publishers, manufacturers… you name it… I’ve created it.

And of course some of my packages failed in the market… but a surprising number went gangbusters.

You don’t want to miss the power of HIGH RESPONSE marketing in the HOTTEST marketing month of the year. January.

Let’s face it. Every business has SELLING COSTS. The trick is to lower your selling costs and INCREASE response and SALES.

How I do it…

Yours truly,
Linwood Austin