The Only Way Left For The “Little Guy” To Make Some Real Money…

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Here is the uncensored message that took me 10 years to discover.

Forget the stock market. Forget real estate. Forget starting your own business in this down economy.  If you want to generate a powerful cash flow in the months and years ahead, you’re going to want to read every word of this message.

My name is Linwood Austin. After a long career as an investor, a real estate man, and a buyer and seller of businesses… Plus as a marketing and business consultant…  I can tell you there’s only one way to make money in the near term or long term future… especially if you don’t have a lot of capital to start with.

Listen… I’ll admit… You can still make money in the stock market. But you’ve got to have capital and a keen insight into the up and down market gyrations.  BUT NOTE: The market is rigged these days to favor the SUPER-RICH BIG BANKS AND HEDGE FUNDS—USING FLASH-TRADE COMPUTERS. It’s down right foolish now to go up against these guys.

Plus… You can still make money in real estate, but again you’ve got to have INVESTMENT CAPITAL to pick up bargain-basement properties AND find renters. But let me tell you…. Too many renters have moved home with Mom and Dad. And more importantly, you’ve got to have the time on you hands to wait for the real estate market to turn around. Most likely the real estate market will continue tanking down for years and years… Why? Because all the bankruptcies and foreclosures have not cleared out. Plus, all the hedge funds… who have bought up today’s “cheap” real estate… are going to dump that real estate when they give up on finding renters. Plus… interest rates are destine to go up. And when that happens, buyers will demand lower housing prices in order to factor in the higher monthly interest rates.

Old Methods Don’t Work Anymore

And finally, you can still make money in some businesses… but you’re going to have to work your butt off using direct marketing methods that few understands… and management systems that factor in everything from tough regulations to micro-managing employee time to beat the healthcare costs forced on company employers. You know in your heart, the running a regular business is trickier these days than befriending a pissed off dog. Price cutting seems to be the only marketing trick most businesses are using now-a-days.

Every industry is being pounded right now. Stores are closing. People are being laid off. Guys who were once “rich fat cats” are even shopping for cheaper digs. Financial Pain is everywhere. And it’s easy to predict, it’s only gonna get worse.

So… if you’re a “little guy”… and you’re don’t have tons of time or extra cash to risk… But you want to make a HUGE amount of passive, residual income with a small effort… you’re in luck. In fact, THIS is the message you’ve been hoping to find. Let me explain.

I’m about to reveal to you a secret that can give you a powerful and strong cash-flow… Anyone can do this. Wait… I should say “almost” anyone can do this. There are 3 kinds of people who CANNOT do this.

  1. If you’re a “know-it-all”… and a pessimist by nature…. And you’re prone to say “that’ll never work”… this is not for you.
  2. If you’re an “old dog” and you refuse to learn a “new trick”, again… this is not for you.
  3. Plus… if you don’t have a simple little thing called “desire”… again… it’s not for you.

But if you have the desire… and you’re willing to learn something new… you are about to discover a powerful system of generating cash in a HUGE overlooked industry.

Rich Fat Cats

Forget about the “rich fat cats”… You’re about to fall into something that can give you a healthy cash-flow and it only requires some of your time and none of your “capital”.

What’s it all about?

Just this… There is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY in much-maligned industry out there called “network marketing”. (It’s also called MLM.) Some folks out there “hate” network marketing. I used to be one of the. I heard so many negative things about network marketing, that I just never looked into the matter for years and years and years. But… lucky for me… and for you… I stumbled onto a fellow who made tons of money over the years in this industry… and I asked him point blank… what’s the deal? What’s all the fuss about? It’s just a pyramid scheme, right? I was wrong. Here’s why…

But wait just a minute.

Every company out there is a pyramid of some sort. You have the president at the top and his two or three minions who help him run things… then you have us workers lifting the heavy boxes in the shipping department.

But I’m here to tell you that “network marketing” can be your ticket to a big fat monthly check. Up to $10,000 a month or more.

But there are several things you need to know.

  1. You need to know something about marketing. (You can’t make this work if you’re just going to chase your family and friends.)
  2. You need to have a “work-ethic” because it will require your time. This is not a “Lazy Man’s Way” to riches. You’re going to have to commit some of your time and energy to this project. But don’t worry, if you use my methods, you’re rewards will be rich.
  3. Finally, you’ll also need to have a “systematic” way of doing things. And using a “system”… your income can grow and grow and grow. As you’ll soon see.

Tons Of Opportunities

Even though times are hard…  there are tons of opportunities out there. Especially in “network marketing”. You just have to know what to look for… and you have to know HOW TO market the opportunity in today’s new world of internet media… tough competition… growing inflation… and general cutbacks in spending.

Listen… Many Clueless MLMer’s fail because they generally try to get their family and friends to sign up with them. That goes nowhere fast. Why? Because no business can depend on just their family and friends buying from them. You’re going to need to know how to bring in buyers from the big wide world of customers in the U.S. and around the world. I will help you. I’m an old-time marketing guy.

Write Your Own Pay Check

Face it… if you know marketing…  you can write your own ticket to a happy, wealthy, prosperous life. In almost any venture. Even in huge corporations, the vice-president of marketing often makes more money than the president of the company. Why? The president’s job is just to herd cats… (manage employees, scheduling, purchasing, legal wrangling, etc.) But if you’re the marketing guy, you’re job is totally secure. You’re the rainmaker.

And that’s exactly what you are when you’re in the network marketing business.

You’re the guy who brings home the bacon. They might fire a thousand employees but they can’t fire YOU… you’re the one who brings in new customers and keeps the old customers buying again and again.

Don’t jump into any business or money-making opportunity until pick up the phone and talk to me.

  1. 1.    I will show you all the powerful ways to ATTRACT new customers to you in a cost effective manner. Many of the secrets I can reveal cost ZERO DOLLARS to implement. And yet it brings CASH PAYING customers to you and helps you grow your wealth.
  2. 2.    Plus I will also show you how to avoid costly marketing mistakes. If you know anything about the MLM universe, you’ll know that lots of people waste a lot of money promoting their business in the wrong kind of way. Yes, there are RIGHT and WRONG ways to market any business.

I’ve got several ways I can train you in the right kind of way. I can do it on the phone… I can do it with weekly live and recorded webinars. I can put some written training guides in your hands.

Trust me… my advice, techniques and methods could easily be applied to almost any business. I have a long track record of owning, running, and advising dozens of different kinds of businesses. Retail, wholesale, manufacturing, professional services, publishing and more. But – In the years since I retired, I’ve done a ton of research into the network marketing industry. Why? Because I’ve come to believe that this industry is the perfect way for “the little guy” to make a ton of money in today’s crazy economy.

This Ain’t No Hot Dog Stand.

If you go into any other business… you’re going to have to buy a boatload of inventory, and hire employees, and pay for rent and – you’re going to have to create marketing that works. If you buy a side-walk hot dog stand… you could be paying $10,000 for the stand… then, you’ll need to buy the hot dogs and buns and ketchup and mustard and napkins, etc.

And then you’ll need some 100 or more customers a day… to make any money. And don’t forget to buy some good shoes because you’ll need to stand around all day waiting on customers. And maybe you’ll make 60¢ profit on each dog you sell. And if you only have 100 customers a day… you’re making $60 bucks a day. That’s hardly worth the effort.

100 Customers Can Give You $10,000 A Month

But if you pick the right network marketing company… and if you market it right… you only need about 100 customers total… in order to make some $10,000 a month in pure sweet profits. How does it work? Like this—if you join with me in one of my network marketing efforts, and pick up 100 customers… 80 of those customers will be lazy and do almost nothing with this as a business opportunity. But typically… 20 of your customers will catch the vision and be THRILLED with this as an income opportunity. And those 20 customers will race ahead and build a network of some 10,000 names under you. And guess what… you’ll make about $1 per name every month off the entire list—in leveraged, residual income.

With a hot dog stand… you need 100 customers a day… But with my program, you only need 100 customers period.

Who Should Pick Up The Phone And Call Me About This?

If you’re sick of working long hours with the threat of downsizing hanging over your heard… pick up the phone and call me. If you’re looking for a way of working from home… you hate the long commute to and from work… pick up the phone and call me. If you’ve just be “downsized” and you’re wondering what to do now… GOOD NEWS… you’re downsizing experience could be your “blessing in disguise.”

I know this is a scary proposition to ask you to jump into something new. But I’m serious about network marketing being a real possibility for making money these days. But you’ve got to jump into the right company. And you’ve got to know how to market your opportunity in the right kind of way.

You’ll Never be “Hired” And You’ll Never Be Fired.

The good news about this effort is this— “you can never be hired and you can never be fired”… if you join with me. Trying to get a new job is a song and dance number. You’ve got to dress in the right kind of way… you’ve got to have a good looking resume… you’ve got to interview and put your best foot forward. It’s all a snow job. Do you really want to work for another company— with all the pressure to perform… and no possibility of building a residual income?????

I’m asking you to call me… because I want to ask you a few questions about where you are now and where you want to be in a few years time. I don’t need a huge response to this letter. I just need a few members in my team who are willing to follow my system. If you’re willing to learn a new way of looking at things, and a new way of doing things… perhaps this opportunity is for you.

If you’re still reading this… you know this could be the deal you’ve been looking for… stop what you’re doing and call me. I answer my own phone. I don’t have any employees. I don’t have any structure to my day. And I’m writing this to help out anyone who is looking for a real opportunity that does not cost much to jump into.

In years past… when I ran a top marketing firm. We would normally ONLY seek successful clients, who spent at least $500,000 a year with their advertising budget. I would have never written a letter to “The Little Guy” about how to make money. But I can do it now… because I can reveal an income opportunity that’s cheap to get into… and the guarded marketing secrets that will make you successful.  And if you succeed… I’ll make some money too.

Lot’s of people have “failed” in network marketing. But lots of people have succeeded too. What’s the difference? Just this—Those who succeeded used marketing techniques that went beyond family and friends… and they managed their time better. I’ll train you… step by step… on how to quickly and easily give yourself up to a nice monthly income stream. You could have your 100 new customers in as little as 6 months… or… even if it took a year or two to get your 100 customers… the payout of $10,000 a month would be worth it, don’t you agree?

You’ll find my number below:

Yours — because I’m excited about your future.

Linwood Austin
Retired Marketing Consultant and Network Marketing Enthusiast.