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Dear Marketing Friend and Business Owner,

My name is Linwood Austin. I’ve been an entrepreneur and marketing consultant since the 1980’s.

I’ve owned and run retail stores, publishing businesses, construction firms, traveling trade shows, and a few other operations over the many years.

With some of those businesses I made a nice chunk of change. With some of them I lost my butt in a big way.

As I ran along at break neck speed in my younger days… I learn many lessons about marketing and management.

The two biggest failures I had can be the seeds of success for you if you care to learn from my mistakes.

One failure was a “management” failure.

The other was a “marketing” failure.


The management failure was this: I bought a plumbing business some years ago. The company was in another state. I had the phone forwarded to my office 1,000 miles away. I did some good marketing. I brought in customers at a low cost because I know marketing. But what I did not count on was my plumbers were straight out of CS Lewis’ Narnia story… “The dwarves are for the dwarves”.

They were a nightmare to me. They were stealing my inventory, stealing my customers, stealing gas, doing side-jobs for my customers after hours, cutting my price, doing drugs on the job, wrecking the trucks while on drugs, accusing me of charging customers too much, while demanding the highest pay in county. We found drug needles in one truck, and the plumber denied they were his and did not know how they got there. But if we were going to throw those needles away, did we mind if he took them home?

I have had other businesses with employees who did not give me near the trouble. But I’m telling you, these plumbers were a rough crew. There were not to be “managed” from afar. They needed watching, day and night.

My marketing failure was this: I bought a magazine in a dying industry. I fancied that I was such a good marketer, I could create a market that was not there. The industry was the “rock hound” industry. You’re right, who collects rocks these days. But I was full of myself. And I’ve learned … you can’t create markets that are not there. You can only channel markets that are growing… channel them to give you “some” of the business.

I could not “manage” those plumbers from 1,000 miles away. And I could not tap into a rock hound market that had died years before I jumped in.

OK… now back to you…

If there is still life in your market… and if your employees are not dead set on stealing you blind… here is how to make your marketing plan for 2016.

  1. Make a list of your competitors.
  2. Make a list of how many employees your competitors have.
  3. Make a list of how many customers you and they are competing for.
  4. Make a list of any niche that seems to be ignored that might be profitable.
  5. Make note of how much a customer is worth to you in one year, two-years, etc.
  6. Make a list of all the benefits your product gives to your customers.
  7. Make a list of the objections and reasons why they won’t buy from you or anyone.
  8. Make a list of every media your customers read. (Do your customers read news sites, newspaper, facebook ads, ? )
  9. How many customers do you need to make a the money you want in the coming year?
  10. How many customers do you have on file right now?
  11. How often do you mail to them?
  12. How many of them fall away each year (attrition rate)?
  13. Is your market a growth market or is it stagnant?
  14. What is the SIZZLE that sells your STEAK?
  15. ETC…

CAN YOU see where I’m going with these questions? You need to think clearly about your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

I actually have 133 of these type of questions… and I’ll you these questions… FREE.. and you can pour over them… and your answers will create a nice business and marketing plan for the coming year.

Beat your competitors. Keep your customers loyal. Increase profits. Solve problems before they become overwhelming.

To get these 133 questions… JUST EMAIL ME… and put 133 QUESTIONS in the subject line.

You can answer the questions yourself… or you and I can answer them together and thus, I’ll create your 2016 marketing plan for you.

Let’s talk about this.


Linwood Austin