What is different about marketing today?

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What is different about marketing today?

1798 Furniture Ad, Proves Most Furniture Store Owners Should Call Linwood at 801-895-9598
1798 Furniture Ad, Proves Most Furniture Store Owners Should Call Linwood at 801-895-9598

In the old days, marketing was all about direct mail, newspapers, TV, radio, billboards, and that was about it.

Nowadays everyone “feels” the internet is the way to go.

Yes, you need a web site. But web site-internet marketing is its own monster.

FOR EXAMPLE: Along with a web site you need to factor in

  1. search engine optimization for each web site page,
  2. pay-per-click advertising,
  3. banner ads,
  4. funnel pages to capture email addresses,
  5. follow-up email campaigns,
  6. youtube marketing,
  7. back-links coming from everywhere,
  8. black-hat tricks,
  9. linkedIn marketing,
  10. social media marketing,
  11. keyword research,
  12. mobile phone friendly marketing
  13. and so on.

In the old days, marketing seemed much more simple. But it can still be simple, if you keep certain things in mind… even if all your marketing is on the web.


All good selling is serving. Even if you use the web, if you keep in mind that all good selling is serving, it should steer you around all the landmines that pop up in web site building, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.


People buy only to get BENEFITS. If you don’t understand the difference between FEATURES and BENEFITS… you’re hurting. And you need to call me right away.


Benefits sound hollow and fake without product pointes and features to back them up.


“People” will not read long-winded ads… but PROSPECTS WILL… and more importantly, PROSPECTS WILL READ ANY AMOUNT OF ADVERTISING COPY AS LONG AS IT’S INTERESTING AND HELPFUL. Remember, you’re not advertising to “people”, you’re advertising to PROSPECTS only. Forget “people” and tell those prospects what they want to hear.


Ya gotta have proper planning and proper timing.

Although web marketing is complex with all the bells and whistles you “could” use, proper planning and timing will help you dominate the market place. We have discovered that there is even a cycle to keyword searches depending on the season of the year. Timing your marketing to blend with what buyers want to buy when they want to buy it… is success.


Top-level business owners and execs MUST adhere to these ideas or profits will suffer. We’ve seen great marketing plans and efforts squashed by some ego-driven C-level exec who is sure he knows better that what research and tested advertising methods have proven and revealed.

Are you ready to go to the next level?

Maybe we should talk.

Pick up the phone and call me. Especially if you’re frustrated with marketing and advertising. If you want the phone to ring… and buyers to use your shopping cart… and customers to come to your store… YEP… pick up the phone and call me.

Ya see, I’ve been an advertising professional for many years. I’ve created marketing campaigns that sold everything from cars to financial advice… from shoes to $12,000 memberships in private clubs… from get-rich-quick schemes to erection pills.

And I’ve learned from it all, that all good selling is serving.. That people ONLY buy to get benefits. That Benefits sound hollow without facts to prove it out. That prospects will read any, any, any amount of advertising copy, as long as it’s interesting and helpful. You can’t bore them to death. That planning and timing are vital. And that everyone must be on board with these ideas, or things grind to a halt.

Listen… if you were to hire someone with my talent and experience to be your marketing director… you know in your heart you might have to pay him/her $100,000 a year or more… and it would be worth it.

But I can do all that heavy lifting for you for peanuts by comparison. I’ll do your copy, your creative, your marketing strategy, your media planning and media buying, your search engine optimization, your concept development, and unlimited consultation for 1/3 what you would pay a top-level marketing director.

Pick up the phone and let’s talk.

Linwood Austin


POST SCRIPT: Marketing is not really any different today. Sure, you have the internet… and not just old-time media like direct mail and newspapers… but if you know the scientific principles I have revealed to you here.. you can beat the odds. You can find new levels of success. Let’s talk.