Make Money With Video Emails

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How A Desperate, Cash-Strapped Office Worker From Oregon, Found Success In Online Video.

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Dear Friend,

This is a true story. About 4 or
5 years ago… there was a mortgage guy in Oregon who was broke. Very, very

He was so broke he sometimes did
not have enough money to buy gas for his car to go to the office.

He was so broke he was way behind
on his mortgage payments.

He was so broke… The sheriff had
posted one of those nasty notices on his door.

He was desperate to make money.
But nothing was happening. His mortgage commissions were slow
and always seemed to be delayed
by endless paperwork. Sometimes
by 90 days
. He needed money RIGHT NOW.

THEN—One day… he realized
he was sitting on a cash-cow gold mine and he didn’t even know it.

You see… a year earlier he had
bought an amazing email program that he was using to keep in touch with his
friends and mortgage customers and prospects. The email program was an unusual,
unique VIDEO EMAIL program.

It suddenly dawned on him that
this VIDEO EMAIL program had an INSTANT PAY plan attached to it.

Yes.. it’s true… the video email program would PAY YOU within 3
minutes of anyone signing up, any customer, anywhere in the world.


  1. Online video is the HOTTEST TREND on the internet right now. It’s so HOT that Cisco Systems boldly predicts that video will be 90% of all online traffic… in just a few years. That’s hot. And if you want to make money the easy way… you’ve got to jump in front of a GROWING TREND. Don’t hang on to dying trends. LISTEN—You’re about to discover the very best, easiest-to-use, online video tools you could ever hope to find in one, source that pays you to use. Keep reading.
  2. This program lets you make money even if you NEVER, EVER make a video or send one out for yourself.
  3. The link above will take you over to the VIDEO EMAIL SERVICE home-page… but don’t go there yet. Let me tell you what to expect when you click.
  4. The home-page has some videos and written information that reveal the whole program. But don’t get distracted with all the information just yet… just click the JOIN button and let’s get started helping you rake in gobs of money with the INSTANT PAY PLAN.
  5. If you have been looking for a unique—cutting-edge, new way for making money… this is a GROWING TREND so powerful you’d be foolish to ignore it.
  6. You may have tried other money making plans before.. that went nowhere… but this program has millions upon millions of people all over the world making the move to create and use ONLINE VIDEO… SO it’s a GROWTH TREND… it’s a“no-brainer”. You’re looking at a—
    TREND—FACT: The online trend is VIDEO. You can tap into this hot trend and make money. PLUS—You’re looking at —
    TRAINING—The company training ENSURES YOUR SUCCESS. Its ongoing training shows you how to bring folks to the daily webinars– All the selling is done for you. That’s what the mortgage guy did. He brought folks to the DAILY, WEBINARS. And they JOINED.
    TRIUMPH—If you want to make money today… here is your chance… online video can make you filthy, stinking rich.  Even if you never make or watch video. You can do this. Keep reading.
  7. How easy is it to make money with this ONLINE VIDEO program? All you have to do is get 2 people to join you… and help those two get two. And you’re in. It can really grow from there.
  8. Don’t “think about this” and let the TREND past you by… instead let’s do this now. Don’t delay… here’s why.
  • You get instant pay.
  • It’s a new technology that’s in demand.—A GROWING TREND
  • It’s a world wide market. 140+ countries are live with this platform.
  • You get paid on your network payouts no matter how deep or how far the network stretches AROUND THE WORLD… if you sign up 10 or 20 people and they sign up 10,000 or 20,000 you get paid to unlimited depth.
  • Almost anyone can jump into this because the cost is so low. It’s only $35 a month or less.
  • The program gives you email auto-responder tools,
  • The program gives you email address capture forms.
  • You also get WEBINAR tools.
  • You get share-your-desktop tools.
  • You get video blogging tools.
  • You get video newsletter tools.
  • You get to look like a world class marketer.
  • You get world class training.
  • You get unlimited consultation with me.
  • And more. Lot’s, lots more.

How much would you pay for an INSTANT international business with INSTANT PAY… TURN-KEY marketing, online product fulfillment… already set up for you… with ease of entry… with the latest online marketing and communication tools…  that you can work from home… and have unlimited access to my time–and my team?

Keep this in mind: A Subway Sandwich franchise can cost you some $200,000. And you still have to pay for your daily expenses of buns, turkey and ham, napkins, potato chips, ketchup, and god-knows-what-else—just to keep the doors open.

Plus Keep in mind, with a Subway franchise you need more than 40 customers a day… to make money… but with this VIDEO EMAIL program… you only need 40 customers TOTAL to make a nice income of $100,000 a year in profits.

PLUS, KEEP THIS IN MIND: If you want a good income… and you don’t have the money to buy a McDonalds’ Hamburger franchise or a Subway franchise… or the capital to build an Indian Casino… then this a real god-send to you. This may be the best news you’ve received all year. It’s ONLINE MONEY.

You can do this from your home. You don’t need an office. You don’t need employees. All you need is a computer… or a smart phone. And you’re in.

PLEASE NOTE: At $35 bucks a month… this program is more powerful than an insurance plan… for you… why? Because you’ll start getting payments made to you INSTANTLY… you don’t have to die for it to pay off… it’s yours NOW.


You can jump in for as little as $125 up front and $20/month. Or… BETTER THAN THAT… you’re gonna want ALL THE BENEFITS of the BEST DEAL… which is the PRO–PAK.. It’s only $1,499 and $35/month. Why the PRO PAK? Because with that package… you get six times better commissions in your INSTANT PAY PLAN.

Make money with Talk Fusion. This will get you the product and the training you need to make money online.
How Does Talk Fusion Pay? Note this: you get six times better commissions with the PRO PAK.

Again…The PRO PAK opportunity only costs $1,499 plus $35/month. You could blow that much money in a weekend in Las Vegas without even gambling a nickel. But this opportunity can stuff that kind of money in your pocket every day.

You’d naturally expect a sign-up fee for an opportunity like this to cost $6,000 to $8,000 a month. Why? Because if you get 40 customers… you’re income will likely be about $8,000 a month. And that would be a fair price to pay… for such an income. Wouldn’t you agree?

However, if you can’t afford to jump in at the PRO PAK level right now… you can always jump in at a more comfortable level and upgrade to the next level when you’re ready.


The mortgage guy is… He gave up his mortgage business. But he’s not the only one. There are people making money in this from all over the world. From Florida… to Indonesia… to Russia… to Japan… to New York… All over the world.

This is a hot, hot, hot opportunity for you.

When you click on the link above… you see a RECOGNITION button which shows you WHO IS MAKING MONEY WITH THIS PROGRAM.


You’ll need to get 2 folks signed up with you… folks who want to make money. And then, help them get their two folks. Get 40 folks signed up… you’ll be “smoking hot” making about $100,000 a year.

Some people gather up 40 people in a quick fashion. But if you’re willing to let the company train you… with our DIAMOND RUSH program… we’ll show you how to start from scratch and get 40 sign-ups in just 200 days or less.

200 days is about 6 months. That’s not long to give yourself a $100K a year income. Imagine, in six months you could have an income of $100,000.

The company’s training program shows you step-by-step how to get your sign-ups in 200 days or less. The program is a 4-Step program. You just have to do 4-things over and over again. It’s called THE DIAMOND RUSH PROGRAM. It will let you reach DIAMOND level ($100,000 a year) in 200 days or less.

People all over the world are using this amazing VIDEO EMAIL program to make money.



Here’s my powerful personal guarantee.

  1. Sign up with me in this program at the PRO PAK level, and…
  2. Work the DIAMOND RUSH program with me for 200 days…
  3. And if you’re not thrilled with the money you’re making from the program, I’ll buy your position from you… at full price… including your 6 months of $35 a month.

You’re out nothing. The Diamond Rush program means that you and I will be on the phone daily…(or on skype) you don’t have to do any heavy-handed “selling” of this program… the daily webinars do the selling for you. I’ll help you.

Now you can click on the banner above. Go straight to the PINK-colored JOIN button. Then, click on the BECOME AN INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATE button. Pick the level you want to join at. Again, I recommend the PRO PAK level, because you’ll get 6 times better commissions.

If you need help signing up… call me.

Please note: This is not for everyone. If you’re a “know-it-all” with a sour attitude about life… this ain’t for you. If you’re making all the money you want right now… this ain’t for you. If you can’t see that jumping in front of a TREND (online video) is the true way to make money… then good luck, this ain’t for you.

But if you’re smart enough to see a trend… and smart enough to get in front of that trend… and you’re ready to check out this program… in more detail… click on the banner-link above.

If you want to see a live WEBINAR presentation about this program… you’ll have to call me, or email me… for a schedule of the next live webinar. We do about 20 of them each day. In English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, and other languages. Remember…. This is a GLOBAL, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.




Let’s face it dear Friend, You have two choices before you right now.

In 6 months… you can be stuck in the same old job as you have now… with the same old frustrations… going nowhere… OR…

You can join with me in this NEW, WORLDWIDE, ONLINE business and follow The Diamond Rush Plan and have an income of $100,000 a year—that is largely passive, residual money coming to you in INSTANT PAY… loaded up on your company-issued debit card while you are hanging out at the beach.

Now click on the banner above AND JOIN ME for a money-making adventure.

When you join, I’ll get an email notice that you joined… and I’ll contact you to help you get started making money in this powerful, online, video email platform.

I’m so excited for you.

Join me now.

Yours truly,
Linwood Austin