Are Multi-Level Companies a Scam?

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

My friend Jim sent me the link below. It’s a TV news show of “Crazy Eddie” saying MLMs are fraud.

Here is my reply to Jim. See if you agree.

Dear Jim…

Oh… ya got me.

This guy said MLMs are a scam because so many FAIL … then he said the big 4 CPA auditing firms FAIL between 25% and 49% of audited audits.

Yes, it true that many folks fail in MLM… but many folks fail in the restaurant business too… even MORE than fail in MLM… if you factor in all the NON franchised restaurants… But MLMs have a low cost of entry… not with restaurants.

EVERY business venture has risks… and failures… I don’t see any difference with MLMs.

Failure is part of life. I say fail fast and fail often… to get to the success sooner.

Thanks Jim.

You’re awesome.