Can Napoleon Hill Save The US Economy In 2014?

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

There are so many folks out of work, and so many huddles raised up against entrepreneurs these days… it looks ominous.

But I swear Hill’s message can still help millions.

His most famous book, THINK AND GROW RICH, is a book of action.

And millions today need to take action to lift themselves up.

I have long believed more schooling is not the answer.

Now, I believe sending out email resumes are also not the answer.

You’re going to have to start your own business. Find a need and fill it. Find a product and sell it.

You’re going to have to learn TO SELL… and TO MAKE things.

No longer can you just show up at 8 A.M. and be told what to do. Everyone is lost in that universe.

Buck up. Have some courage. Learn some new skills.

Grab Hill’s book and rewrite your future. Don’t wait for the guys in the white hats to come to the rescue. Rescue your dang self.

Make something. Sell something. And save some of it. That’s the road map for the future.

Drop me an email as you read Hill’s book. Let’s talk about your future.

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That means you have to have a new work ethic… a new philosophy. Here it is:


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