Use NLP in your advertising and marketing. Boost Sales. Increase Profits.

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Dear Friend of NLP,


I can’t reveal everything to you right here, right now about NLP.

NLP is a 10 year learning commitment. It’s takes a lot of time to understand NLP

And it takes a bit of skill to stuff it into your marketing in the right kind of way.

First of all, let me say that NLP is an old, old, very old way of communicating. Students of NLP think that Mr. Bandler and Mr. Grinder invented it all. But it’s really older than those two guys. NLP is as old as St. Paul and Jesus.

One of the elements of NLP is to quickly and subtly breakdown objections and resistance to the idea you want to promote. Most of us use NLP in our communication and we don’t even know it.

Children use NLP on parents.

Parents use NLP on kids.

Politicians use NLP on the public.

Preachers use NLP to sell the crowd.

Psychologists use NLP on patents.

Seducers use NLP to win over a romantic interest.

We could say that NLP is what works. Especially when it comes to advertising and marketing. All of the advertising that works, use NLP in some form or fashion. All the ads that don’t work have a surprising lack of NLP.

I have written ads, sales letters and marketing packages that have generated millions of dollars worth of sales and leads.

To the best of my knowledge I am one of the few advertising creators who has specialized in stuffing NLP into my ads, sales letters, and websites.

NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You could spend a decade studying this method of communication.

If you want to improve sales and profits – I’m writing to suggest that your ads, sales letters, and marketing messages need NLP to juice them up.

Imagine discovering the right word or phase that melts your buyers resistance and gets them to buy your product or service. It’s magic.

I can do it for you. I can do it on your sales letters and post cards. I can do it in your SEO efforts. I can stuff NLP into your blogs. I can splash NLP into your websites.

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If you use NLP too much… or in a careless way… others will be turned off by it. They will say “he’s creepy”… and not know exactly why.