Promotional Products: Norman Rockwell – To – Hot Sexy Women And Puppies.

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Norman Rockwell – To – Hot Sexy Women And Puppies.

Promotional Products — Calendars For Your Business

Dear Friend,

Can you get back to me BEFORE June 1st?

I just got off the phone with my old buddy John King. He reminded me to tell you that – if you can order your company calendars by June 1st… you can get a heck of a savings… THINK AHEAD.

THIS is a HOT DEAL for promotional items that have proven profitable year after year.

We’ve got lots of calendars to choose from – Norman Rockwell calendars – Puppies – Sexy Girl calendars… you name it… lots to choose from.

 Wall calendars – desktop calendars –  refrigerator magnet calendars, etc.

Prices range from 98¢ to $1.16 or more… each. Minimum 300.

The more you buy, the cheaper they are.

Go here to take a look —

See pages 67 – 77.

Then call me and tell me what you want.


Linwood the Promotional Products guy.