Notes on the S-Curve And How To Make BooKoo Bucks In Your Own Food Business.

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Notes on the S-Curve And How To Make BooKoo Bucks In Your Own Food Business.


The S-Curve can Make You Money
This is the S-Curve.

Food is everywhere. Food is at the top of the S-Curve. To succeed at the top of an s-curve one must FRACTURE the market. Example… when cars are everywhere, you MUST come out with a NEW KIND OF CAR… like a sports car… a family van, an SUV… an electric car. The fractured market is for a smaller S-Curve but if successful, you’ll be profitable.


Yevo is a new network marketing opportunity based in FOOD.

It will be a smaller S-curve than food in general… but it will be profitable.

… so… the advantages to this YEVO income opportunity are this:

1) YEVO is food delivered monthly.

2) YEVO is Vitamin packed (43 essential nutrients).

3) YEVO is Cheaper food ($4 per meal).

4) YEVO is Food storage, 4 year shelf life.

5) YEVO is Profits shared with downline instead of company paying for advertising and retail store space and buying shelf-space in stores.

6) YEVO is Residual income- you get a monthly check from the volume of customers you have in your downline (7-levels)


If you want to get into the food business you have these choices:


  1. Open a grocery store. (Employees? Inventory? Vendors? Location? Rent? Utilities?)
  2. Open a restaurant. (Employees? Inventory? Vendors? Location? Rent? Utilities? Gov’ment inspectors?)
  3. Farming? (Tractors? Land? Employees? Fighting the weather?)


But with YEVO—no employees needed. No inventory to stock. No vendor relations to attend. No Location needed. Etc.

Go here to check it out OR join me:


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Linwood Austin