Can Part-Time Work Give You Full-Time Income? Now it can.

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Dear Friend,

Now Let Part-Time Work Give You Full Time Income.


How would you like to make more money than you do now and actually WORK LESS…  just 5 to 10 hours a week?

Here’s the plan to give you
more money and more free time. .

If you’re going to work early… coming home late… missing your kids school plays, soccer games… hardly know your spouse any more… you need this plan.

There is a wonderful money-making plan lets you set your own hourscall your own shots… and market the business in your own way… and it pays you INSTANTLY… JUST 5 minutes after any customer transaction.

THE money-making plan offers a WORLD WIDE DIGITAL PRODUCT that any individual, family or business can use to “keep in touch” and market their own products and services with… and it’s a product that’s becoming quite dynamic all over the world.

The product is this: It’s online VIDEO EMAIL… It’s VIDEO WEB CONFERENCING… It’s VIDEO BLOGGING… It’s like a social media—BUT IT PAYS YOU… to use it and share it.

It’s called TALK FUSION. Here is a RECORDED presentation –

Go watch it with an open mind.

It’s not like anything you may have seen before.

It’s shows you HOW Talk Fusion works… WHO would like to use it… HOW it can benefit your life… and HOW MUCH money you can make sharing it with others.

IF YOU’RE PRESSED FOR TIME… you gotta check this out.

Talk Fusion has a WONDERFUL marketing and business plan. It’s called the DIAMOND RUSH plan. The plan shows you that if you give about 1 hour of your time to working the DIAMON RUSH business plan each day… within 200 days, you should be at DIAMOND level with the company. Diamond level is about $100,000 a year.

WILL THAT give you the TIME FREEDOM YOU WANT? You bet it will.

And of course you may need some marketing help. Don’t worry… I’ll help you. You can call me most any time… and I’ll train you and guide you to build your cash-flow quickly and easily. I love this business. And you will too.

Talk Fusion is LIVE in over 140 countries ‘round the world. That means you can have an income coming from all over the world—24 hours a day. We have 6 different ways you’ll make money from this program.

Plus—if you have the ambition and drive… the company has a program to give you a BRAND NEW MERCEDES TO DRIVE… as an incentive to get serious about this.

Listen… If you have friends from Canada, England, China, Japan, Russia, –ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD… share this with them. Get them to go see this recorded video presentation; Then, let’s get together to make sure they get on board too.

PLEASE  NOTE: I will help you succeed with this. I will work with you to master the art of bringing customers to you.

It’s a business model that has worked for millions of people all over the world. And it’s given them the TIME FREEDOM they’ve wanted.

Go here hon… check it out.

If you don’t want to see the recorded webinar… here is a SLIDE SHOW to learn more about this opportunity.

Then, let’s talk.


Call me to chat about this: 801-895-9598

ONE MORE THING: IT’S IMPORTANT… DON’T LET YOUR JOB EAT UP ALL YOUR TIME. With Talk Fusion… your time is your own. Build a network of about 40 Talk Fusion customers… and you’ll have $100,000 a year in income.

40 customers is not very many. If you owned a hotdog stand, you’d need 40 customers a day… to break even. But with Talk Fusion you just need 40 TOTAL… to make a nice monthly, passive income and have more FREE TIME than you may have thought possible. Let’s talk.