A Proposal For A Struggling Business Owner.

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer


We have reviewed your site and identified 16 problems preventing us from helping you get TOP Google Rankings and new customers to call and visit your showroom.
Here are o notes and thoughts on your problems and SOLUTIONS:

1. How can we make your store showroom as profitable as possible in the shortest amount of time?

2. And how can we increase the sales of even the service business to support the showroom while we GROW the showroom business to be self-sustained and running smoothly.
My off the cuff recommendation is that you enhance your internet marketing and use newspaper advertising at the same time.
My gut tells me that the newspaper ads will bring you almost instant results. Website marketing can take up to 3 months to start gaining positions in the search engines and see the PROVEABLE results you want.

First, let’s talk about what needs to happen on your website.

A. You’re not getting much traffic to that site because it’s not appealing to the target market. If I am looking for tile – we see all types of other things on your home page. Your home page has to look good and entice your visitors with exactly what they are looking for – or they will leave. Google and the other search engines want to see activity. They want to see updates. They want to see YOUTUBE videos. They want to see people visiting and STAYING on your web pages (because they are interesting).
B. At the moment, Google cannot make heads or tails of your site there is too much stuff on too few pages. And mostly you have pictures with no text, and Google reads texts to figure what the photos show. Currently, no photos have descriptions, and this needs to change.
C. You’ve got many, many competitors in Salt Lake selling the same stuff you’re selling, and Google only has 20 slots of ranking space to position websites on the first page. They cannot give everyone a top ranking. We keep up with the rule of search engine ranking systems to give them what they want. With your support, we’ll move up the page to the top and get you more phone calls and showroom visits. AND BUYERS.
D. One of the methods we use to help you is this: We build web pages on your site to attract BUYERS not just TIRE-KICKERS. For example and this is just an off-the-cuff example—
Someone searching for TILE will most likely be a TIRE KICKER but someone searching for SHOWER TILE will more likely be a BUYER. WE WANT BUYERS not just tire kickers. So, part of the work we do for you will be to discover the search terms that bring buyers not just tire kickers. We have methods to sort out keyword search terms. We see what your competitors are using and what kind of ranking they are getting for each kind of search term. We build on WHAT IS WORKING, and we don’t waste time on what is not working.
E. Where are you? (We know, but everyone else does not!) We need to build a google map GPS tool to place on your site… why? Because Google can tell if someone is searching for SHOWER TILE and is very near you… and if this is so they will give your site a better ranking IF YOU HAVE THE GOOGLE GPS MAP done right on your site. The map instantly gives folks with Android cell phones a way to click ONCE on the map and drive straight to your location with voice navigation! (We make it easy for your customers to find you.)
F. We are also going to have to create a few YOUTUBE videos for you and put them on your site. Google owns youtube…if we use youtube, they give you better ranking because Google loves Google. It will help.
G. I know you’re running a small business with tight margins. And I know it would be useless to propose our normal creative service fee of $5,000 a month to handle all of your marketing. So…
… I propose to begin helping you grow your business, especially your showroom business for the reduced creative fee of $1,000 per month and we’ll begin both tuning up your internet marketing… as well as creating a series of newspaper ads for you to drive traffic and buyers to your store.
The website “tune-up” will take at least 3 months to see if our ideas are working… but the newspaper ads should bring you traffic the very day the ad hits the street.
We can make the website climb in rankings faster if we do our magic PLUS buy some ad-words traffic when we are ready to turn on the spigot. We should possibly spend $500 to $1,000 extra in buying ad-words when we are ready. NOTE: Buying ad words, even a short blitz of ad-words helps Google to take us seriously. We don’t have to buy ad-words on an ongoing basis… but it speeds the ranking process along if we do.
When we make the newspaper ads, we will want to build that ads around a SALES event and focus on one theme. We want the story of WHY this or that product is so great and why we are having a sale and why they could COME IN NOW… To buy.

NOTE: When we turn in the newspaper ads to you, you’ll see everything we do to make the ad. BUT — When we begin fixing your website, there are many, many, many things we will do behind the scenes that you do not see. You will start hearing from visitors and friends (“I found you on the Internet”. OR “I found you in the Newspaper and when I saw what you had on your site – I knew you were the right person to help me.”)
We will get Google to realize you are a serious business that offers good products to the internet and smartphone users.
Google wants viewers to have a good experience. Google even monitors HOW LONG a person stays on our site… and if they “bounce” off the site within seconds, Google knows it’s not something they wanted to see, so Google rankings system will push you lower in the ranks to prevent you from showing up and wasting people’s time. We want to position you in Google’s good rankings and see you grow your business better than ever.
As I said, we’ll solve your advertising problem for the creative fee of $1,000 a month for now. As we grow your business, expect our fees to go up. By then you will not sweat paying us as you will know we are giving you much more than you are paying to realize your business success. We always aim to be an asset to you, a secret weapon against your competition. We look forward to watching you grow!
Looking forward to growing profits for you with focused advertising and marketing results.

Linwood Austin