Proven Marketing Secrets For Small Business Owners

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How Any Business Owner Can Make More Money, Faster, Even in this economy..

Dear Friend,

I once had a client who would make a nice chunk of change by buying deli’s using a 7-part system. You can “steal” part of his system to make money for yourself in almost any industry. Just think about it. . . here is his system:

1. He would buy the deli for a small down payment.
2. The former owner would have to agree to this plan and he would get a salary PLUS his entire payment on the 5th year.
3. The former owner MUST agree to stay on and run the business in a new kind of way. Exactly as follows—
4. First, capture every name and address of anyone who comes in to buy a sandwich or bucket of macaroni. Put up a fish-bowl, offer a FREE drawing each month. . . any excuse to CAPTURE THE NAME AND ADDRESS.
5. NEXT, MAIL LIKE HELL. Post cards, letters, offers, updates, bribes, temptations— mail any excuse to get them to come back and buy more.
6. THEN, When they come in to by a sandwich, send them out the door with MORE, MORE, MORE. . . especially buckets of macaroni. (He said macaroni costs 10 cents but could be sold for several dollars.) The point was, the customer was going to buy all that food stuff at the grocery store anyway. . . they might as well buy it from his deli — NOW.
7. Sales from this plan would “go to the moon.” Profits would “go to the moon.” So, he would sell the deli in the 4th year. . . not the 5th year. . . why? Because once he lost his “partner” who was tied into profits. . . he’d be forced to hire a so-called “manager”. . . a hired guy, who had no real interest in the success of the business. And would most likely steal wine and cheese out the back door.
Most times, after he sold the business during the 4th year, the next owner would not follow the same system of collecting names and addresses, mailing aggressively, and pushing extra macaroni out the door. And the business would go down hill.

No matter what business you’re in–equipment sales, insurance, real estate, food, sporting goods, you name it. . . you can put these ideas to work for you. Especially numbers 4, 5 and 6.

In almost any business. . . you need to CAPTURE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF BUYERS AND ALMOST BUYERS. Then, YOU NEED TO MAIL LIKE HELL. Any excuse to keep in touch and make a new offer to buy. Finally, sell them more than just one item. Sell them buckets of items. Face it, they are likely going to buy more stuff from other sources anyway. . . they might as well buy it from YOU, YOU, YOU.

I’ve used this very plan with all kinds of clients. Car dealers, furniture stores, insurance guys, publishers, and more.

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Yours truly,
Linwood Austin