Read This If You Did Not Make All The Money You Wanted in 2015

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Read This If You Did Not Make All The Money You Wanted in 2015


DEAR Business owner and marketing friend,

IF YOU want more customers and profits… you need talent.

Talented copywriters, talented online geeks, talented graphic artists, talented database marketing people. Etc.

And… If you were to hire a top rated marketing talent to help you attract more customers and grow your profits… you could expect to pay him or her… $100,000 or more a year.

BUSINESS FACT: Top marketing people often make more than the CEO of the company. Why? Because the CEO’s job is to herd cats… but the marketing director’s job is to feed all the cats and everyone else too. Without the right kind of marketing NO ONE EATS.

Bills don’t get paid. Profits shrink. Competition sneaks in and steals loyal customers.

And if you don’t have the profits… you can’t herd cats (employees, vendors, etc.)

And eventually ya gotta meet with bankruptcy attorneys. Bummer.

But … if you want to hire some real marketing talent to grow your sales and profits… this year… this is your lucky day.

Why? Because I can give you … pound for pound… more marketing talent… for a cheaper price… than you have any right to expect… from the best HR department.

Instead… pick up the phone and let’s work out a plan to get you new customers and new profits this year.

I propose to BE your marketing talent from now on.

And not at that $100,000 a year or more level… NO. I’ll handle all your marketing for the dirt cheap price of $3,999 per month.

And here’s what you’ll get.

  1. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM Copy – The kind of copy that brings in sales and profits. Direct response copy. Copy based on 100 years of scientific advertising TESTS and RESULTS. Copy for your web site… copy for your direct mail sales letters… copy for your blog… copy for your sales scripts… copy for company brochures. And more.
  2. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM Graphics – The right kind of graphics… not the kind that hide the sales message but the kind of graphics that strengthen and support your sales and business growth.
  3. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM Media buys – There are ways to buy media that will save you money in the long and short run. I have a couple of different methods I have used to get discounted prices on printing, newspaper and magazine ads, radio and TV time, etc. The goal of good marketing is to bring in the cash. And the goal of good management is keep from wasting cash on unnecessary things.
  4. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM TIMING and PLANNING – One of the most important things I can offer to your future profits is a clear, defined one-year marketing plan based on data, research and goals. It’s one thing to understand the technical aspect of direct response marketing… it’s quite another to plan your business growth around market timing and wise management.
  5. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM Day-By-Day Marketing Maintenance – Listen, there are some things that need “watching” every day. Especially when doing online marketing. Someone needs to track results, compile response data, and make intelligent decisions to change direction OR NOT… with NEW INFORMATION. For example: Websites need to be checked often for broken links. Google and the boys will punish you for broken links. Also, web sites need to be updated on an ongoing basis. Search engine results will suffer if a site is too static for too long. Also, we have found that some KEYWORDS work great in April but don’t work at all in October. And regarding web site maintenance… we’ll need someone to constantly plug in back links from authority sites. I’ll do that.
  6. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM Past Customer and Prospect Outreach Program. – We have found there is often to better source of new profits than from old customers and prospects. But Someone must reach out that them. Emails. Text messages. Post cards. Voice mail messages. Coupons. Special invitations. Etc. I propose, that someone be “me”.
  7. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM Video Production, Reputation management, sales training, market testing, competitor spying, the list of vital marketing functions could go on.
  8. MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFITS FROM webinars that can be used to inform, convince and move prospects from sitting on the fence and becoming loyal customers. We can also record the webinars and have an unlimited audience.

But I think you get the picture. If you want more customers, sales, growth, and profits in 2016… you know in your heart that you need talented people to help you.

I propose to do it all for the value-packed price of $3,999 per month.

NOTE WELL… this is one “hellava” bargain. I’m not kidding. Why is it a bargain, because you’re not just getting my brains… but I’ll bring in my whole team of marketing guys to make your business skyrocket this year with sales and profits.

When you and I work together, you’re actually getting my whole rolodex of talent… experts in online and offline marketing. Experts in strategy, pay-per-click advertising, search engine ranking results, database marketing methods, and they eagerly take on any project I give them.

Listen, I’ve created marketing campaigns for many, many clients of the past 30 years. And my campaigns have generated millions upon millions of dollars in new customer acquisition and repeat business.

  • I generated the marketing that gave one client about 10 million paying customers. He sold HOW TO books by mail.
  • I create the marketing that brought in about 120,000 customers for a client that sold a $300 kit on how to set up your own corporation.
  • I’ve fill up thousands of seats full of warm bodies ready to listen to a 4-hour long sales pitch to buy a $12,000 a year membership program.
  • I packed in thousands of buyers to come to what was essentially a ‘FLEA MARKET FOR THE RICH” in Southern California… and the client said “I’ve never seen so many Rolls Royce’s line up before. Those Rolls’ belonged to the buyers and shoppers to this 3-day event.
  • I’ve done work for some of the most famous names in finance, real estate, retail, automotive and more. And of course I’ve make some people rich who never became a “household” name. They got rich in small niche markets that could never grow “too big”… but were profitable none-the-less.
  • I had one client tell me that he got more insight from one-hour on the phone with me than he got from attending live marketing seminars with the likes of Jay Abraham or Gary Halbert.

Pick up the phone… let’s lock in this deal where I agree to help you throughout the whole year for $3,999 per month.

This is a limted offer. I’m only going to take 2 clients on this special offer. I don’t have time for more than that.

When we talk, I’ll ask you about your business, your product line, your competitors, you goals and dreams. If I think we are a match… I’ll agree to be your “marketing genius” and help you grow your business this year for this low price.

Let’s talk and soon.

Yours truly,