Recession, what recession?

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Did you get my note from last Friday?

Here is the secret behind Friday’s message.

  1. … I’ve heard from a bunch of my old marketing buddies in a variety of industries… that OLD FASHION “SNAIL” mail… is kicking butt… when measured AGAINST social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging, etc. So, they are adding it back into the mix of VITAL marketing efforts. (Remember the TRUE cost of advertising is Cost per lead and Cost per sale. Nobody rides for free. Social media may appear to be free advertising, but you’re gonna have to spend TONS of time on it.)
  2. In fact… old fashion SNAIL MAIL seems to be so powerful in the mix… that I’m now offering YOU the service of handling your “drip system” marketing. And that means I’ll handle all your marketingONLINE and OFFLINE. And here’s the best part….
  3. It seems to me that most business owners and entrepreneurs DON’T mail and advertise more because THEY JUST DON’T KNOW what to say.
  4. So, I will get together with you… and map out a yearly marketing plan and budget… what needs to be said and offered to your old clients/prospects… and when.
  5. Maybe, we’ll decide that you need 2 sales letters each month… and a weekly update on your blog (for SEO purposes) and a post card campaign every 21 days, and a weekly video-newsletter-email blast, and a weekly text massage… etc. After mapping out a plan like this… I WILL CREATE the sales messages in each case FOR YOU.
  6. The sales messages will aim to be entertaining, informative, convincing, charming, and PROFIT PRODUCING. You cannot BORE someone into reading your message. But if you can give them helpful, interesting information about your product/service… YOU GOT ‘EM. YOU GOT THE SALE. I’ll create all your messages like this.
  7. Here is an example of the results you can expect from the FURNITURE BIZ…

IT IS THE STORY ABOUT MR. Gates’ Furniture store and the full-page, long-copy ads NO PICTURES OF FURNITURE… he wrote… and how much response he got from them. You gotta read the story. It turns out Gates was a student of my old mentor… Barrie Bedell. Gates says “Recession, what recession?”

If you want MORE SALES… more profits… A BRIGHTER future with more money coming in… you need to call me.

The reason to put in a DRIP SYSTEM to old clients/customers and near-customers (prospects) is this… with the economy clamping down out there… there are fewer and fewer REAL buyers in this world… so… grab onto all the buyers and potential buyers you can… and don’t let ‘em go. Mail ‘em and mail ‘em and mail ‘em some more. I WILL HELP YOU— AT A AMAZING LOW PRICE.

If you can’t get your cash flow up from NEW buyers… at least get lots of cash flow from REPEAT buyers. Are you with me? Can I hear an “AMEN”.

CALL ME ABOUT YOUR MARKETING SITUATION… I WANT TO HELP YOU GET MORE AND MORE REPEAT BUYERS— up-sales, cross-sales, repeat-sales and referrals. I have a plan. Let’s put it to work for you.