Want More Repeat Buyers? Do This:

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Steal This Simple Marketing Technique – To Guarantee Your Customers Buy Again and Again.

Dear Marketing Friend,

If you’re like most businesses… you need repeat buyers.

You need customers to buy from you again and again.

I’m going to reveal a BIG SECRET to you right now. It’s a simple secret that I bet your competitors are not using.

But this simple secret will have a HUGE effect on your long-term profits.

Are you ready? Here’s my simple secret:

Right after your customer buys your product or service…


A THANK YOU note has lots of power.

And… I have the perfect way for your THANK YOU note to generate a smile… and for them to keep your name, phone number, and contact information within arms reach…. all year long.

Here’s all you have to do…

Send your THANK YOU note in a big envelope that contains a lovely calendar they can hang on the wall… or a nice desk-top calendar they’ll have on their desk all year long. You can even send them a pocket-calendar.

Listen, I can give you both the calendars and the thank-you note.

Yes, I sell promotional products like calendars. But I also write ads, sales letters and Thank You Notes for clients.

One of the overlooked power-points of a THANK YOU notes is this:

It’s also a way to give your customer “post purchase” reassurance.

And when you reassure them that they were smart to buy from you and when you say “Thank You” you can almost eliminate returns and requests for refunds.

And if you send out your Thank You Note with a nice calendar… you’ve got ‘em hook.

I’m here to tell you… from my thirty-plus years of being in the advertising business… almost no one out there is sending out Thank You notes… and for sure… they don’t stuff the Thank You Note envelope with a lovely, beautiful calendar.

This is real marketing power.

If you want me to write your Thank You Note for you… no charge… all you have to do is order at least 1,000 calendars from me… and schedule some time so we can chat on the phone about your product or service… your customer’s mind set… and perhaps what your competitors are up to.

Once I get a feel for what you’re doing, I’ll be able to write a warm, charming and sincere Thank You note that you can use for years and years to win customers’ loyalty and repeat business.

Below are a few of the calendars I have available.

I have everything from girly-girl calendars you might see in an auto-repair shop, to puppy-dog calendars to farmland pastoral settings.

I have desktop small calendars and large monthly day planner calendars.

We can print your company name, logo, phone, website address on them… what ever you want.

Let me repeat: Sending out Thank You notes is a powerful marketing tool. Sending out a Thank You note WITH a calendar is just plain brilliant marketing. Sure to pay off.

Now is the time to get your calendar order in. Call me with your questions about this matter.

I’ll do all the hard work of getting you a good price, and taking care of the artwork.

And by the way… THANK YOU, in advance… for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success.

Sincerely Yours,

Linwood Austin

PHONE: 801-895-9598

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