Rising Markets and Easy Marketing Profits.

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Rising Markets and Easy Marketing Profits.

Dear Business Owner or Business Manager,

One of the wisest ways to make money in business is to FOLLOW rising markets instead of fighting or swimming up stream.

Is your market rising? Or shrinking.

If you’re in a stagnant market… it’s not growing… you’ve got lots of competitors… there are ways to beat the odds. We can talk about that later, when you call.

What are rising markets now? The retiring baby boomers are a hot market. 9,000 a day are retiring. What do they buy when they retire? RV’s? Retirement homes? Travel?

Kids moving back home is a rising market. What do families buy when the kids move back in?

The unemployed market is HUGE… some 90 million Americans are unemployed right now? What will they buy? A business opportunity?

Remember when cell phone were new? 1989? I do. I thought at the time… “Who needs one of those things?” Boy I was wrong.

I had a client who was thinking about opening up a CD store (this was about 1999)… and I was “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING… APPLE iTunes music is rising, CD music is on the way out.” I directed her into a different direction.

Most marketers succeed by accident. They accidentally get into RISING MARKETS.

Don’t go into any business without some unique selling advantage… so you can have success built into your plan.

Wanna talk? Call me.

I’ll ask you questions about your goals, your plans, your competition, your advantages, your market. I have 25 questions… that can help you find your UNIQUE SELLING ADVANTAGE.

Even if you’re not in a market that is rising… you can still succeed… if you have the right marketing plan. The right unique marketing advantage.

I’ve helped lots of clients make millions of dollars in sales and profits over the years. I’ve steered a number of clients away from crashing their ship on the rocks.

AGAIN: I’ve got a 25 questions we can answer together that will help you find YOUR competitive advantage that will insure greater success.

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