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Let’s face it dear friend,

If you mail out Christmas cards in the old fashion way, it’s gonna cost you $1,470 in postage alone (if you mail out 3,000 Christmas cards.)

3,000 cards X 49¢ postage equals $1,470.

But, here’s a way to send out 3,000 holiday greetings for just $35… plus get tons of other communication tools and benefits.

Here’s what it’s all about.

Talk Fusion is a video email platform.

(Plus more but for now, let’s just focus on Christmas communication.)

You can use Talk Fusion to send out Christmas Video Email Greetings and it’s only $35 a month… after your initial sign-up fee.

And you can load up 3,000 different email addresses and mail ‘em over and over again. As often as you want. Every Month.

Talk Fusion gives you hundreds of templates to use… Christmas templates, snowflake templates, Halloween templates, spring time templates, hundreds of templates.


All you have to do is make a personal, family or business video, group video, product video, howdy-doody video and load it up and click SEND… and all 3,000 people will get your greetings.

You don’t have to make your own video. Talk Fusion has lots of PRE-LOADED videos you can use. And if you find something on youtube that you want to use… no problem… load it up and CLICK SEND and your 3,000 friends, family, prospects and customers will get your video.

Talk Fusion is jammed packed with other features and benefits too.

You get webinar tools that are better than “Go-To-Meeting”

You get Video Newsletter templates so you can make professional looking Video Newsletters.

You get “Skype” type tools too. All at no extra charge.

And more.

But I want to focus right now on Christmas. Sending out Christmas greetings could be expensive and time consuming. Not with Talk Fusion.

You know those “Christmas newsletters” some folks send out every year? Well, this year, why not send out your “Christmas newsletter” in a video format using Talk Fusion’s video email or video newsletter tools?

Why write down your story, when you can flip the camera on and chat away, telling everyone what’s happen to you and your family/business this year.

It’s different. And powerful. And Easy.

I want you to Join Talk Fusion with me. I’ll help you get started if you have questions.

When you click the JOIN button, make sure my 7-digit sponsor number is 1894184.

Send out tons of video greetings for Christmas, new years, valentine’s day, etc.

Also send out video greetings to announce sales, product introductions, meet-the-staff, explain-the-details, etc.

Why send out boring text, when you could easily add video warmth and charm to it also.

You know that TONE OF VOICE is over 80% of communication.

Video is powerful and Talk Fusion makes it easy.

Here is my number if you have any questions… 801-895-9598

And by the way… MERRY CHRISTMAS… even if it’s a bit early.

Linwood Austin