Can you use another set of eyes?

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Can you use another set of eyes?

Marketing Consultant and copywriter Linwood Austin
Marketing Consultant and copywriter Linwood Austin

Dear Furniture Store Marketer,

Let’s say you’re spending a good chunk of change on advertising and marketing.
Let’s say you’re not getting customers to buy from you… like you use to.
Let’s say you’re not sure what to do… but you think something… something could be done.

That’s why I’m writing. I’m writing to give you another set of eyes.

I’m an advertising expert. My name is Linwood Austin. I’ll look over your ad and give you a clear, objective critique of your ad, your website, or your sales letter. Pick one.

My critique won’t be based on hunch or groundless opinion… but instead… I’ll tell you what you did right or wrong based on TIMELESS principles of scientific selling.

You see, not every ad brings in maximum response. Why? Because most advertisers have no idea how to put professional salesmanship into an ad.

There is a large body of work into HOW TO make ads that bring in maximum response in minimum time. And if you know this body of work, you can create advertising that will LOWER YOUR SELLING COSTS… INCREASE YOUR PROFITS… and “STEAL” CUSTOMERS FROM YOUR TOUGHEST COMPETITORS.

If you want to do this… if you want me to critique your ad, website, or sales letter or post card… send it on over to me… and I’ll do it for the dirt-cheap price of $97.

Listen… I’m so good at creating profit-producing advertising and direct mail, that some of my letters have been profitably mailed out to millions upon millions of prospects. And I’ve created newspaper advertising and website marketing that has also been profitably marketed to millions.

So… what I can do for you is this: I’ll give you a WRITTEN CRITIQUE that tells you what is right or wrong about your ad… and it will give you clear suggestions, ideas, tips and strategies for how you can improve on your marketing effort the day after you get it.

If you’re happy with your advertising and marketing results right now… I suppose you can ignore this letter… but you do so at your own risk. You see, I believe you need to stay on top of things.

Why? Markets change. Styles change. Advertising mediums change. Times change. But the proven principles of great selling are TIMELESS.

When I look over your ad, website etc… here’s what I will check…
1. The layout—does it help you or hurt you
2. The benefits—are you presenting the right kind of benefits, the kind buyers want?
3. Is the HEADLINE strong enough to stop the reader and engage him/her with your offer?
4. Do the benefits make the cost sound small?
5. Do you ask for action?
And more… lot’s, lots more.

What I want to do is give you a sound, logical analysis of your ads so that you’ll be able to launch your business to the next level.
You must take your advertising and marketing seriously. Face it, any store owner can be a good “buyer” of goods and inventory… but nobody makes a nickel until someone SELLS SOMETHING.

Let me help you in that department.
$97 is a small price to pay for the keys to A MASSIVE NEW INCREASE IN RESPONSE.

Let’s do it.
Call me.
Linwood Austin