Shhh – Don’t Tell Nobody – But Google Uses — Direct Mail

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Shhh – Don’t Tell Nobody – But Google Uses — Direct Mail

If you’re in business to make money you want to k now the truth about marketing right?

Well here’s a Big Fat Truth: Online Marketing – will only take you so far – Social Media Search Engine Optimization – Pay Per Clicks, Email Auto Responder Ect – It all mau look “free: but it’s also very, very, very time consuming and time is money

Now don’t get me wrong – I love all the media – online and offline –

But when the great powerful OZ (Google) uses Real Snail Mail – post cards – letters and Self-Mailers ya gotta wake up and smell the Profits

Direct Mail is the overlooked ugly step-child in the Marketing story. But if you give me a chance

I’ll prove to you that a good old fashioned Direct Marketing letter can be your Cinderella of Profits.

Here are my random thoughts about Direct Marketing vs Online Marketing

  1. You can get the Mailing list of left-handed, Blue Eyed Albino’s who live on the west side of Miami. Think about it. If you can get a mailing list of people in a very, very narrow category – you can make Boo Coo Bucks – Especially if you have someone like me write a “Killer” Sales letter for you.
    1. Selling insurance? Why not use a letter to sell insurance to the mailing list of everyone who just became a nurse – they most likely do not have insurance yet.
    2. Selling Mortgages? How about Jumbo loans – the list of McMansions would give you hefty commissions – with the right Direct Marketing Campaign.
    3. Selling Outdoor Gear? The list of everyone with a fishing license might do the trick.
    4. Selling a Big Opportunity? Then you need the names of opportunity buyers.

You see Google – and a lot of other hound dogs out there want you to believe making money online is the only way to go. But don’t kid yourself – Google uses Direct Mail – I’ve seen Ebay use town –to-town seminars at Hotel Conference Rooms is using late nite TV to get business

Amazon has used Radio Advertising

-The point is – Online Marketing is just one tool on the marketing mix.

And if Google is using Direct Mail – I say let’s “follow –the-leader”

Pick up the Phone Right Now – Lets explore some High Profit Marketing possibilities for you that includes Direct Marketing.

Yes Direct Mail will cost you money  – money for stamps – printing , envelopes and someone to stuff the envelopes.

But your foolish to think that so – called Free Advertising is Free – You pay for every lead you get-

Even the Free Leads can be very costly – measure in – cost per lead vs cost per sale.

  1. Social Media Sucks –

Yes of course you can make money off of Facebook and Linked In and Twitter- But a surprising number of Marketers find it to be a Big waste of time.  I’ve read two recent articles about Facebook Scamming customers with paid for Bogus “likes” One guy even paid $600,000 to Facebook for a bunch of Bogus “likes” – Don’t do that – you need to test out every Marketing Effort – spend $5000 or $10,000 – then see if you get $5 K to $10 K in sales –

If not – try something else. –

Test, Test, Test

You need Buyers not “likes” Likes don’t pay the rent

When we talk I may recommend a Facebook campaign – or a Direct Market Campaign. But only as a test to get sales NOW – not good will.

Not “cumulative” branding crap – You need sales to keep the doors open

And there’s only one way to get sales – find suspects turn them into prospects – and turn them into buyers.

Can you do all that with one sales letter, message, webpage or ad? Yes, yes, triple yes.  I have done it many times for clients in the past – I’m betting  I can do it for you –

I’ve created radio, TV, Direct Mail, Postcards, Classified Ads, Websites, follow up Email, campaigns ect – – that have generated millions of dollars in sales and profits.

Google is using Direct Mail (What do know that you know that you have forgotten?

Direct Mail – is still the work horse of all good marketing.

Here is one secret that Direct Marketing has over Online Marketers – Distractions Be Gone

When your online your mind is in hyper-drive

Clickity, clickity, click

You just can’t focus on an online sales message…like you in the quiet of your home or office reading a piece of Direct Mail. If the Direct Mail package is created in the right kind of way – it’s a secret thrill to open the mail box and discover a mail box surprise

Who should use Direct Mail today?

You should if you are a chiropractor, a Real Estate Agent, a stock broker, a car dealer, a furniture store, a manufacturer, – an online publisher, – ect.

Yes, you should be marketing online. But you’re (laying) a lot of money on the table if you are not marketing offline too.

Note: Even of you don’t have a BIZ or a product – you should still call me – I can put you in your own business for as little as $9 per month.  But before I recommend that BIZ op – we will chat but – I might have something even more suitable to your personality, interests and desires

You see – if Google is using Direct Mail they know the truth – Every medium has good points and drawbacks-

For example – A billboard along the highway 10 miles from a motel late at night would be the perfect media – for a motel owner.

But for the vast majority of Big owners and entrepreneurs out there – Direct Marketing and magazine ads can buy you a ton leads and sales – fast

Good cost-

But don’t try this at home I will create the perfect as, sales letter, website, ect.  to help you bring in massive profits.

There is a science to high profit advertising.. and I’ve spent 25 years studying and testing out profit generating advertising theories

Google should have hire me to create their mailing package their mailing – was so – so.  I could have helped them. But – they’ve got big bucks already – I’m writing to help the smaller business owner

And if you’ll still reading that means you –

My services are not “cheap” but they pay off royally.

I’ll create your magazine ad, your website, your Direct Mail package with the idea to close as many deals on the 1st reading as possible.

Why – because you no one sits around waiting to see a series of ads from you.

If you convince them 90% of the way to buy your product/service right now – you failed to convince them.

That’s why my Direct Marketing packages sometimes have 12 to 20 pages of sales –oriented copy.  That’s why my magazine ads have no white space in them. White space sells nothing – only powerful, convincing  words move prospects to open their wallet and give you the money.

Are you ready to make some real money? Are you ready to give up in the time wasting – experience of Social–Media the frustrating tail chasing SEO that Google demands of your website?   Do you know understand that Linked In is just Facebook in khaki pants?


Google is using Direct Marketing and I know why? Because if you create mail box excitement if you make money –

I’ll do it for you – at a price that makes sense –

Lets talk.