“Steal This B2B Marketing Technique

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“Steal This B2B Marketing Technique, Ripped From My Case Files, and Put It Into Your Business Tomorrow… Guaranteed…

“Here’s an exact method you can use right after reading this short letter that created tens of thousands of dollars, with only 8 letters in under 30 days… use it if you sell to products/service…but be prepared to manage the new business you will get…

Dear Friend,

If you ever wanted to make a lot of money, at the lowest cost humanly possible, you want YOUR target client or customer… and make them chase you,,, instead of you chasing them… and you want this done quickly and easily on AUTOPILOT then this short letter will be the most important letter YOU WILL EVER READ, PERIOD

Let me introduce and explain Your Personal 3-Step Plan To Getting Clients Calling YOU.

I virtually guaranteed your success in advance, 100%, IF you follow these simple 3 steps and make a 10-minute call to me.


  1. CALL ‘EM…
  2. MAIL ‘EM…


Here’s A Prime Example:

When I first jumped into the business of selling to other businesses (B2B for short) … I started my own Ad Agency and because it’s easy to start an Ad Agency, maybe you should too.  Why?  Your credibility rises dramatically.


I’ll teach you more on credibility but back to this excellent example PULLED right from my past client successes that you MUST model… not should… MUST! …because it worked and works FAST!

As an ad agency…I wanted a car dealer for a client. So I called exactly 32 car dealers and I could not get through to them… and none of them returned my call. Not one. Successful so far?… not one bit. BUT what I did next and am going to share with you for free should be ripped off… and acted on.

I’ll go as far as inviting you to call for a brief 10 minute discussion because if you visited my website (www.cashflowwebinars.com) then that’s my gift to you… just pick up the phone and call 801-895-9598 or email your number to YourLinwood@gmail.com.

Now, put strategy into practice right after you read this letter… meaning do it… let’s get started… Here’s how I added 10’s of thousands in income with under 50 car dealers in a less than 60 days total and with only 24 days mailed.

What did I do?

I sat down and wrote 12 letters about my ad agency services.

And why they should hire ME.

I mailed ‘em all a letter every 3 days. I never got past the 8th letter before I had more car business than I knew what to do with.

So, 12 letters, every 3 days, to your target client, using direct-response mailing techniques, get called, and it starts by knowing what words were NEEDED.  Connect the dots for them. Show the end results to getting NET PROFIT for them with what you have to OFFER.


B2B marketing often has a bit longer sales-cycle than you’d be led to believe. BUT—In less than 30 days I had more business then I knew what to deal with… and I managed it perfectly.

So can you… just remember the businesses just need to have to have the money and the need –for the benefits you offer… and you connect the dots. Some may need possible approval of superiors. The pressure to keep-up with competitors is always staring business in the face and this keeps them awake at night. Mail ‘em and mail ‘em and mail ‘em again.

But Note:  they need your strategy to be clear, and for you to continue mailing. The follow-up and direct “Call Me” offers work. Because they want what you have, if what you have works. Just simply mail them until they are ready. You don’t want them all… just the “ready-to-go” ones.

Keep mailing!

Yours Very Truly,


P.S. Want the letters? All you have to do is call me here: PHONE 801-895-9598 I’ll make them work for you.