Stealing Pens And Paperclips

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An Open Letter To Dave Stewart… on Attitude VS Technical Skill.

Dear Friend,

Years ago… I was involved with a group of entrepreneurs. We had weekly meetings to read and discuss Mr. Hill’s book… THINK AND GROW RICH.

One week… it was Dave Stewart’s turn to host the meeting.

And Dave brought in a tape of old Mr. Nightingale… of Nightingale/Conant fame.

On this tape… we all listened to Mr. Nightingale say “IT’S ALL IN YOUR ATTITUDE”.

At the time… I pooh-poohed the message of Mr. Nightingale. I said “No, it’s in your direct mail”. I agued that – who cares what your attitude is… if your direct marketing/direct mail is good… you can have a lousy attitude and still do well.

Well… I’m now here to admit I was wrong.

Attitude is vital. If you don’t have the right attitude you look at every opportunity and say “THAT WILL NEVER WORK”.

In years gone by I only dealt with serious marketers. They all had some success under their belt. And thus, they had a good attitude.

Now-a-days… I sell the idea of network marketing. And lots of folks who dip their toe into network marketing are rather new to business. They are rather new to success. They have spent their entire lives as an employee.

And guess what… the attitude that lets you be an employee selling your time for an hourly wage… is not gonna work as a network marketer.

As an employee you can get away with a lot of crap. You can show up late, you can take off early, you can call in sick, you can join the union and get away with even more horse crap.

As an employee you can steal pens and paperclips. You don’t have to have the success of the company in mind. You could actually undermine the company and get away with it for years.

But if you’re going to succeed in a business of your own… you can’t have that attitude. You MUST invest your time, money and energy to figure out new ways to build your business and your income.

Attitude is everything in this field of personal success.

If you’re going to be in business for yourself… you’re actually on a journey of self-learning and self-discovery.

You need to learn…. Time management… marketing skills… selling skills… bookkeeping skills… people management skills… etc.

The reason I’m excited about network marketing is this—A good network marketing company takes away many of your business headaches. They handle the product development. They handle billing. They handle refunds. They handle payouts. They handle all the minutia.

Your job is just to share the news about the product or service. And do follow-up. And that’s just about it. Marketing is your job.

Now that we are all in a serious economic downturn… a downright depression… and so many have been laid off… it’s more important than ever to check your dang attitude.

Attitude is everything.

PROOF—one person looks at an opportunity and says “What if I try it and it doesn’t work?” But the other person looks at the same opportunity and says “What if it works and I don’t even try it?”

David… I owe you an apology. You were right. Attitude is everything.

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