How To Super-Blast Your Target Market Without One Single Spam Complaint.

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How To Super-Blast Your Target Market Without One Single Spam Complaint.

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Dear Business Owner Or Marketing Manager,

True Story: I have a marketing buddy who is a good marketer. Great copywriter. He is humble and a bit shy. He’s the type of guy who hates to offend anyone. He’s so shy that over the years, I’ve watched a lot of people take advantage of him.

But he recently got busted for spamming. Can you imagine that? HE WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING to offend… yet, he got busted for spamming.

Actually, I was proud of him. Heck, every other serious marketer I know has been busted for spamming. Even me.

But I have come up with a system that could be considered “spamming”… but you would never in a million years get busted for this kind of spamming.

How Does It Work?
It’s called old fashion “promotional products”.

The idea is: You send out thousands of pens, calendars, t-shirts, customized water bottles, or ball caps… WITH YOUR NAME, LOGO, SALES MESSAGE on the item.

And guess what… this type of “spamming” engenders LOVE and LOYALTY… and the desire to buy from you again and again.

If you spam… in email… they can ignore it, delete it or report you. But if you send them a nice pen (with a sales letter attached) they welcome the pitch. They even use the pen over and over again.

Or… if you send your sales letter with a wall calendar or refrigerator magnet… they don’t toss that. They don’t delete that. They hang it up and look at it over and over again, through out the year.


What if I give you a “killer deal” on both the promotional product AND on writing a powerful, sales-letter for you.

As you may know I’m one of the world’s top advertising writers. I’ve written sales letters that were so powerful, they were profitably mail out by the millions.

I bet I can write a letter for you that would sell your product or service NOW… and by tying it in to a promotional product… you’d get repeat business for many months to come.

One Million Promotional Products? Almost!

I have almost a million promotional products in my back pocket. (I can hardly sit down sometimes). Surely we can find a tie-in product that would click with your market place.

I have customized chocolate bars, and umbrellas, and buttons, calculators, Ipad covers, and wrist bands, and you name it – I can get it with your customized logo, message or phone number/web site imprinted on it.

Customized glassware, wine bottles, fruit baskets, key chains, flags, menu covers, and more.

This is “spamming” without spamming.

Are you game to talk? That won’t cost you one red cent. Here is my number: 801-895-9598

Some of the best – most responsive sales letters I’ve ever made for clients, had these types of tie-ins.

The lowly personalized-pen – is mightier than the email “send button.”

No one rejects a nice promotional product. And YES, it does lead to extra sales.

Here’s Proof

SURPRISING FACT: a recent study by the independent research company (MarketTools, Inc.) reveals that of consumers who had received promotional products (LIKE CUSTOMIZED PENS-BALL CAPS—T-SHIRTS—TOTES—CALANDERS, ETC)…

  • 83% recall the brand or company advertised…
  • 75% remember the product or service…
  • 80% can clearly identify the type of promotional product they received…
  • And 69% remember all three!

But what’s most impressive is that 20.9% of those surveyed reported making a purchase after receiving a promotional product. That’s far superior to other forms of advertising such as print ads (13.4%), TV commercials (7.1 percent) and online ads (a dismal 4.6%).

Want Great Prices On Personalized Product? Call me.

If this makes sense to you – and you want to get some GREAT PRICES on any kind of customized, personalized, promotional product… call me.

I can put a catalog of products in your hands or send you the specs on the product you need for your business.

If you want me to create a sales letter to go with the promotional product… call me.

The name of the game is to increase sales and profits for your business NOW.

This PROVEN method of marketing is kinda like the old Dale Carnegie book HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. You are selling by serving.

See Dale Carnegie Book here:

Listen… I don’t know of any other marketing consultant who specializes in this type of approach. (Direct Marketing with Promotional Products marketing.) But it works.

Stop what you’re doing and call me right away as it takes time to create the right kind of sales letter. And I can only commit to a limited number of campaigns like this.

Again, here is my number:



I’m yours,

Linwood Austin

Direct Response Copywriter, marketing consultant.

P.S. Nobody gets paid until somebody sells something. THIS should make selling your product/service a bit easier.

P.P.S. A promotional product sticks around long after an email is deleted.