What I told A Young Bank Teller Who Said He Was Studying Business And Economics At school so He Could Start An International business

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

We spoke yesterday about you starting up an “International Business”.

And I said I can put you in an international business up and running in 60 minutes for less than $1,000 bucks.


Here’s the deal.

Go here: www.powerfulwebinar.biz

It’s a webinar about Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is an online video communication platform.

They have video email… video web conferencing, video sharing, video blogging, video storage, and more. They are live and up-and-running in over 140 countries.

You can use the video communication tools to promote any business… and you can use Talk Fusion AS your business and promote Talk Fusion and be paid handsomely.

T.F. will give you a debit card.. and pay you within 3 minutes of any customer transaction. The pay is both commission on what you sell… and it is residual based on what you’re customers sell.

That means… if you sell the service you get paid instantly a nice commission and if your customer sells to others you get paid to an unlimited depth no matter how far reaching your network goes… on and on. You income on this residual income is capped off at $10,000 a week.

Your cost to maintain your Talk Fusion service is only $35 a month (after your sign-up fee.) And your only other “cost” is your own personal marketing.

If you don’t have a marketing plan… I can help you in that department. I’m an old time marketing consultant.

I can hook you up with mailing lists of real estate people, chiropractors, people turning 50 years old, people who are 90 days late on a credit cards, people who just moved into a new home… all kinds of mailing lists. Addresses, phones, emails, etc.

I can hook you up with advertising plans with banner ads, web site re-directs, billboards, facebook advertising, blogging techniques, radio campaigns, … or… or… I almost forgot.. video marketing using Talk Fusion tools.

Talk Fusion has a marketing plan that requires no money spent on marketing, but on building your own list of personal contacts and introducing them to Talk Fusion webinars, following up with specific steps to build your business. And it works for lots of people. It’s called The Diamond Rush. And it requires about an hour or two a day… with the payoff of about $100,000 a year achieved in some 200 days.


If you want to do this… I’ll coach you on various disciplines of cost effective marketing and time management. I’ll introduce you to some of the heavy weights in our industry as there is lots to learn.

Again.. go here: www.powerfulwebianr.biz. That’s where it all begins.

Then, let’s talk.

You can sign-up here: http://www.1894184.talkfusion.com/home.asp

But don’t sign up until we talk a bit about how you can succeed with this program.

Linwood Austin