TRUE STORY: How a 37-year-old man sold 820,000 cars in one year. Steal His “Selling Secret” To Boost Your Own Sales And Profits This Year — Even If You’re Not In The Car Business

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Yes, it’s true—He sold 820,000 cars in one year.

He did not own a car dealership. He was not a car manufacturer. He was just a humble, but clever advertising man in the 1930’s… who had discovered a powerful advertising principle… that could skyrocket sales in any industryin any economy… good or bad.

The year was 1935. The “Great Depression” was just getting started. Ford motor company was in big trouble.

You see… Chevrolet—General Motors (GM) was kicking Ford’s butt. They had outsold Ford every year for some 10 years.

Lucky for Ford, a 37-year-old man was on staff with Ford’s ad agency. He had a new idea. Tested and proven. He had an idea that Ford’s sales would skyrocket IF… IF… IF… only Ford would let him create just one advertising tool. A tool that would influence Ford sales from one end of the country to the other.

His idea had been tested and proven already in other industries. The tests were conducted using millions of dollars in advertising and marketing campaigns. The tests discovered the kind of advertising that brought about the HIGHEST response in sales and profits… in the QUICKEST time possible.

His method was so powerful Ford paid him about $35,000 to $40,000 for his talent in 1935 dollars. That would be about a MILLION DOLLARS in today’s money.  Did it pay off for Ford? You bet it did. That year (1935) they sold some 820,000 cars across the nation.  It was an explosive year for Ford. GM was caught totally off guard.

The advertising/marketing “trick” this ad man used for Ford was one that any business can use today. It’s a method so powerful that over the years, the same technique has been used to sell millions upon millions of dollars in furniture, shoes, nutritional products, professional services, houses, investment plans, business opportunities… and more.  In fact, there are thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs since the 1930’s who claim that this humble advertising man gave them the tools they needed to sell more of their products and services than anything else they had previously tried.

Who was this man? And what did he do for Ford?

The man was Clyde Bedell. And what he did for Ford was a marketing trick that literally FORCED every Ford salesman to use the RIGHT WORDS to move those cars.

Bedell created a showroom floor, Sales Brochure unlike anything they had seen before. To the untrained eye, the sales brochure looked like any ole sales booklet in the showroom of any ole car dealer. But something was different about it. Something powerful and unique. And I want to put this sales brochure in your hands.

And not only that… I want to give you this sales brochure along with a special report I’ve put together to explain why, line by line… page by page… why THIS sales brochure created a bonus year for Ford in 1935.

Hello, my name is Linwood Austin. I’ve been called one of Clyde Bedell’s most famous advertising students. I’ve studied his methods for the past 25 years. I’m so good with his method… I can look at an ad for 2 seconds and tell you if it fits into Bedell’s model of HIGH POWERED advertising techniques. And believe me, today… 90% of all advertising out there… in print, electronic media and on the web… waste selling opportunity.

Don’t let 2014 come and go without putting new, SELLING POWER into your marketing mix. Don’t let another moment go by without learning what Bedell did for Ford that generated sales in unheard of numbers at a time of economic hardship.

AS A SIDE NOTE: Mr. Ford certainly enjoyed the sales his company got in 1935… but he did not know WHY they got such a response that year.

Mr. Henry Ford thought it was because the 1935 Ford motorcar was an exceptionally good car. He was to enamored with his own car to see what was really going on. Mr. Bedell’s advertising technique went right over Henry Ford’s head.

A few years after their record year, Ford and Bedell were on the same stage for a business convention. Bedell shook Mr. Ford’s hand… and said something like “How ‘bout that 1935 sales year?” Ford said to Bedell… “Yeah, that was a good car that year.”

Ford failed to see that the real key reason his sales skyrocketed that year was standing right in front of him. Shaking his hand.

If you want a copy of the 1935 Ford showroom floor sales booklet and my Special Report… explaining what you’re seeing, why it worked and how to apply it to your own money-making effort… let me hear from you.

I’m only asking $299 for this package of vital information. And that is a small price to pay for ideas, techniques and methods that can SKYROCKET your sales, no matter what kind of business you’re in.

Henry Ford paid about $40,0000 for this information applied to his business. That means you’re getting a bargain here and saving $39,700 in the process.

Plus—you’re getting the tools and insights that can add many, many, many thousands of dollars… if not millions of dollars to your bottom line, if applied properly.

Bedell’s methods helped Ford beat out competitors. Let him help you beat out your competitors too.

I’m sending out this letter as a test to a limited number of my “get-ahead” friends and business acquaintances. The way to reply is to pick up the phone and call me. You can pay with a check or by paypal.

Do it now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

Yours truly,

Linwood Austin
Bedell’s Most Famous Advertising Student.|