The True Story of How An Insurance Salesman Took A One-Year Vacation And Actually Made More Money.

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I heard about an insurance salesman years ago, who had himself a heart attack.

His doctor told him he needed to take a year off work—a sabbatical. So, he told his secretary to take care of things and he was going one a one-year vacation.

Well, his secretary wrote a letter to all his clients.

“George is on sabbatical for a year. But don’t worry, I do most of the work around here anyway. If you need anything, just give me a call.”

And guess what—they called her.

Next, there was some kind of change in policy coverage’s and options… so she wrote another letter to all his customers… telling them about the new options and coverage. Guess what—they called and made changes and bought new coverage in insurance.

And then there was some other reason to send yet another letter out to his customers. And again they called and bought more insurance and add-on insurance.

His Insurance Business Grew Even Though He Was On Vacation.

One year later the George came back to work in his office. He was SHOCKED to discover his book of business had grown by some 10 TIMES… he was making more money NOW after taking off for a year… than when he was working and working and working every day.


How did he make more money and sell MORE policies by NOT WORKING… than when he was at work?

It took about 2 weeks back at work to figure out exactly WHY AND HOW his book of business had GROWN.

It grew BECAUSE his secretary was not a “salesman”.

Instead she sent out letter after letter, being friendly, informative and helpful.

His customers BOUGHT more and referred folks to his business BECAUSE of those letters.

Is this “insurance for insurance”?… kind of… if you want to “insure” the growth of your insurance business… be smart…

Guess what? George was smart. He followed his secretary’s lead… he continued mailing letters about every little thing.

As an old advertising man… specializing in BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS marketing (BtoB) … I have discovered that you cannot mail to your customers and prospects “too much.”

However… using “snail mail” is scary. Postage costs can get out of control. But now… you can do emails… cheap… and … get this… you can now use VIDEO EMAILS… and get even more bang for your buck.

Let me explain about Video Emails.

The perfect B2B marketing is to send out lots and lots of mail. And now… you owe it to yourself to check out Talk Fusion. It allows you to send out written messages, video email AND Video NEWSLETTERS.

If you’re like George… you may have a secretary who is “not a salesman”… but she can follow your instructions to “mail like hell”.

Talk Fusion gives you AUTO-RESPONDER emails… so you can load up your letters and have them fly out every day automatically. Or every three days.. or whatever.

Talk Fusion also lets you post an “email capture” form on your web site. And it let’s you post your videos to over 300 social media sites with just a click or two.

Listen… Be smart. Grow your business like George’s secretary… send out some mail. Helpful mail. Friendly mail. Sell ‘em by mail.

Watch the magic grow.

See a demo of how Talk Fusion works here:

And let’s talk

Yours truly,

Linwood Austin
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