Do Vitamins Work?

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Do Vitamins Work?

(PLEASE NOTE: They’re called “vitamins”… not “take-em-or-leave-ems”. )

When you’re young, you’re not sure vitamins work. Why? Most likely you are already pretty healthy and things seem to work fine.


But here’s some things I know about vitamins.

Without Vitamin C you can get SCURVY. You may remember the stories of old English sailors who got scurvy while out on the high seas for months at a time. Scurvy gives you diarrhea, bone trouble and your teeth fall out.

If you don’t get VITAMIN D… you can feel depressed and down in the dumps. We can get vitamin D from the sun. Which is why we tend to feel depressed on cloudy days.

B-Vitamins makes your pee bright yellow. Why? I guess your body can’t process all those B-Vitamins… so you pee some of it out.

Vitamin E comes in handy when you have a minor cut or skin scrap. Helps your skin heal faster when applied topical. Doesn’t hurt to eat it, also.

Without calcium, you’ll have bone trouble. Why do little old ladies fall down and break their hip? One idea is that women lose calcium during their monthly menstrual cycle… and without replacing the calcium, the body leaches calcium from their bones.

Some folks might have small white “chips” visible on their fingernails. The idea here is that you’re body is stealing calcium from your fingernails. I’ve notice these “calcium chips” on my fingernails after a sugar binge. Apparently too much sugar robs your body of calcium too.

Do vitamins work?

There are things you can eat that help keep your hair from falling out.

The point of these musings is this… Yes, your body needs certain vitamins. Or your health will suffer.

The health researchers over at YEVO point out that there are some 43 ESSENTIAL vitamins… you need for essential health.

And no one wants to open up 43 bottles of vitamins every day… and spend 30 or 40 minutes gulping down a bunch of pills. Not to mention the cost of all those vitamins.

Most folks who buy vitamins often forget to take them.


What if—What if you could buy food that was packed with these essential vitamins and the food tasted good … and what if the food was cheap… like about $4 a meal?


Would you eat the food? Only 3 times a day. Right?

You may forget to take your vitamin pills… but NOBODY forgets to eat when they get hungry.

Hop on over to this site.

And order up a monthly supply of breakfast items… packed with vitamins.

Soon enough, we’ll offer lunch and dinner menu items too. All packed with vitamins you need – essential vitamins.

Don’t cheat yourself or your family of this important daily need.

Deliveries begin in February. And we’re planning to have over 100 menu items as the company grows.

And THANK YOU in advance for giving me the opportunity to give your family a HEALTHY EDGE.




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