Most Ad Agencies Don’t Know This Little Secret about Growing Your Business

Published on: Author: Best Network Marketer

Yep, Ad agencies and web site developers don’t know this. But you should.

Discover How to Easily Make More Money From Your Current Customers

After many years in the advertising business… I have discovered that there are basically two ways to grow your business, your sales and profits.

Number One:
You have to advertise to get new customers to come in the door and buy your product or service. But this is just the beginning.

Number Two:
If you’re going to be a smart business operator (with strong growth and profits) you’ve got to get old customers and prospects to come back and buy again, and again, and again.

The first advertising effort (getting new customers) is a hard row to hoe. I know more about profit proven advertising techniques than most folks in the ad agency world.

Creating advertising to generate leads and a 1st time customer purchase is one thing. But  too many business owners fail to create a systematic approach to following up on old customers and prospects. THAT’S where the real money is.

If you get a brand new customer to come and spend a dollar with you… you’ve likely spent two dollars in marketing and advertising costs… just to get him in the door. BUT—Get this—This is important—If you get that customer to come back and spend another dollar with you, you’re marketing and advertising costs are more like ten cents (by comparison)… so your biggest profits are in the SECOND SALE. And the third sale.

 Would you like to tap into this amazing stream of overlooked profits?

 That’s why I’m writing.

I’m offering an unusual advertising agency service. I’m offering you a powerful, customized FOLLOW-UP service of with all your old customers and prospects… in a regular basis… and helping you get them to come back in and buy from you… over and over again.

 Here’s how it works—

Generally speaking… I’ll take your old customer database (buyers and prospective buyers) and clean it up. And I’ll mail them real mailhand addressed… offers and invitations to come back and buy from you. I’ll text message them. I’ll send them emails. Even Video Emails. I’ll drop them post cards and hand-written thank you notes—from you.

Together… We’ll create a drop schedule so we can be in contact with your old customers on a monthly, weekly or a daily basis if need be. We’ll plan it and time to maximize your seasonal buying habits and market trends and competitive strategies.

We’ll do it all in a grand effort to build your brand loyalty, customer devotion and skyrocketing your profits from repeat sales and repeat customer traffic.

Please Note: Most business owners don’t realize the hidden asset inside their old customer and prospect list.  Think about it. No woman buys one wig— she’ll buy 5 or more (generally speaking). No Ford Truck buyer just buys one truck. He’ll buy more trucks from you if you treat him right and invite him back.

 No matter what you’re selling… you and I need to talk about creating a systematic selling program aimed at your old customer database.

Let’s say you’re selling insurance. It’s a serious marketing mistake not to offer your customers of home-owners insurance… the chance to get life insurance, unemployment insurance, car insurance, etc.

This is what cross-selling, up-selling and referral selling is all about. This is where skyrocketing profits and really grow your business.

I can handle all of the details for you and give you monthly reports on mail dropped, text messages sent, email that went, etc.

I can give you an amazing low price for handling it all. The price will include not only the labor of putting the marketing packages out… it will include the creative effort and copywriting, designed to get you maximum response in minimum time.

Intrigued? You should be.

I’ve spent 25 years in the ad agency business. And I can tell you right here, right now… every dollar you spend on follow up… pays off way, way, way, more than each dollar you spend on lead generation.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to bring in new customers all the time. Every business has an attrition rate to deal with. But you’re making a serious mistake that will cost you thousands, if not, millions of extra dollars if you don’t have a decent follow-up marketing system.

If you don’t do this—

If you don’t have a decent follow-up system… I can only see your sales and profits going down hill. After 25 years of doing this… I can tell you for certain… businesses that FOLLOW-UP have more profits at the end of the year than those who are “too busy” to be bothered with such things. If you don’t follow-up in the right kind of way… NO CHRISTMAS BONUS FOR YOU!!!!!

Listen, I’m serious about this message. You should do it. Especially if you’re a smaller business and you want to grow… you want to beat these tough economic times… you want to have an edge over your competition. I’ll give you that edge.

Let me take that burden off your shoulders. Let’s create a marketing plan that includes not only lead generation… but also FOLLOW-UP, FOLLOW-UP, FOLLOW-UP.

Call me.

Linwood Austin